Local SEO in 2018

Last Update: January 19, 2018

Hello WA Family:

It has been a while since everyone has heard from me. I have been busy trying to branch myself out in other ways to make money. Building an online business is still my priority but I like being able to get to speak to people face to face and meet new folks outside of the great World Wide Web.

That is why I think an avenue we should all be looking into is Local SEO. That is looking into your own local geographic area for businesses that need help getting exposure online. Perhaps they need a website and after the site is built, they will need help to advertise and get their site listed in different business listings. Or perhaps they have a website but it does not show up in Google and that is where you can help them with SEO.

We are fortunate to belong WA, because we have all of the training here you need to get started and build it out. For instance, Jay has weekly webinars on Friday evening where he often teaches us the ins and outs of SEO. You do need to be a premium member however to watch Jay's webinars. So, if you are not a premium member now, I do recommend you become one if you are serious about making money in 2018 while making a difference in your community, because Local SEO will allow you to do just that.

Just some food for thought.......

Happy Building,


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jivitajay Premium Plus
Hey Steph great to hear from you, after so long.

Local SEO is a great opportunity and as WA members, we all have an early exposure to SEO tips and techniques.
We all should leverage this opportunity, totally agree with you:)

mbouteiller Premium
Hi Steph, thank you for sharing this thought. Yes, I definitely agree with you.. another avenue to consider for sure. I haven't decided yet but I need to go back and go over the Local SEO videos that Jay made...
MKearns Premium
Jay is concentrating on a great local based business environment Steph!
phakacha8 Premium
I fully agree with you and seconded your instruction.
Your food for thought is awesome!
PMindra Premium
How incredibly nice to hear from you.
It has been such a long time. Yes, I am still here and loving it.
How is your son doing with his studies?

I agree with you regarding the SEO. Jay and all the training here is completely awesome. Have people realized how much value there is in the 'Siterubix' sites to help out small businesses and make money at the same time? Probably not.

Hey, nice to hear from you. Hope your Mom is doing well. The sight dedicated to your Dad is really a good work. I'm working on one for mine. He passed in 2013. Mom is still with us but requires so much special attention. I can relate.

Sorry to be off topic from your post, but it allowed me to get back in touch with you.

Peace, Love and Gratitude.

Kindest regards,