Last Update: October 22, 2016

I read so many blogs and comments within the Wealthy Affiliate community about what the benefits are with being an Ambassador and what did Kyle mean by "a budget for the Ambassador program" and comments about why should people even care and strive for Ambassadorship. As an Ambassador for 446 days, I would be lying if I did not often times think the same so I am grateful to those people who have wrote about the issue on their WA blogs and commented about it over time.

That being said, for me it is not about the WA ranking but about truly giving back to the community. I feel good when I know I have helped someone within our community. Paying it forward is what it comes down to. A wise man once said...

"It is not what you have when you die, but what you contributed...."

I want to feel good about my day when I lie my head down to sleep at night. I like knowing that somewhere out there is someone who is better off because of the help they received from one of my tutorials, a comment I made, a question I answered, a WA blog I wrote, etc.

There are some huge misconceptions about Ambassadors, especially amongst the newbies here. We do not get paid. We are not staff. Nor, are we under any obligation to do what we do. We give back to the community not because we are obligated, but because we know it is the right thing to do. By investing our time into the WA community, we are helping to bring awareness to the possibilities that exist for EVERYONE through Internet Marketing. The economy is in the toilet. There are huge discrepancies in pay for women, minorities, etc. However, through Internet Marketing those discrepancies are gone. You will not receive a lower commission from an affiliate program if you are a woman, minority, etc. You will receive the same compensation. So, by investing my time and energy into the WA community, I know I am helping to level out the playing field in our current job market and economy.

So, when people ask what are the benefits of being an Ambassador, instead of looking at the tangible things, here are some non-tangible benefits of the program:

  • You are a part of the Pay it Forward system here at WA
  • You feel better about yourself and your contributions at the end of the day
  • You achieve self-confidence as a valuable member of the WA community
  • You can be assured you are a giver and not a taker
  • You make some great friends
  • You build trust amongst your colleagues here at WA
  • You will feel happier about your online efforts and that happiness will carry over to your websites and content development.

So, when you read those WA blogs about there not being any tangible benefits to being an Ambassador, instead review the non-tangible benefits and do not get caught up in the "What's in it for me?" mentality. Remember, negative people are only happy when they are bringing you down to their level.

Have an awesome day!


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AnthonyMLM Premium
Love your post, great detail about Ambassador
stephhill Premium
Thanks Anthony!
drjec Premium
Thanks for the post. It really puts things in perspective.
stephhill Premium
Thank you! :)
DennisD1 Premium
Great blog and you are appreciated as well as everyone who contributes.
stephhill Premium
Thanks Dennis
justcruzin Premium
I appreciate you all.
RobinTaulbee Premium
Thanks Steph I have been wondering about the Ambassador program here. You have answered some of my questions!
stephhill Premium
Great. I am glad Robin.