Updating PHP to 7.4?

Last Update: August 28, 2021

After logging onto my site, I noticed a message in Wordpress dashboard. "Check your Site Health". So I did and noticed a message that says I should update my Wordpress PHP to 7-4 as it wouild make my site run faster.

How do I do this without breaking my site is my question...

If anyone knows, kindly advise.

Thanks a ton!


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Carson Premium Plus
Hey Stella,

As a few others have mentioned, we upgrade all sites across the network to stable newer versions of PHP automatically. If your site has not yet been updated and is still on PHP 7.3, just reach out to is with a SiteSupport ticket and we can move the site to the next version.
BrightSales Premium
You're in good hands with W.A. friend. They know when the time is right. All the best!
I contacted Site Support on this matter last week

According to Site Support, we're all good. They will update everyone to 7.4 in due time.

No worries needed, Stella.

bazboy247 Premium Plus
You don't update PHP the web host does this ie Wealthy Affiliate Site support do it as this is at a server level not a website level

Hope this helps

Stella741 Premium
Yes, it does. Thanks!
richardgb Premium
Hi Stella
PHP is managed at the server level by Site Support.
They are well aware of the update and when either it is necessary, or another is made available that is necessary then you can be sure they'll update at that time.
BTW... I believe that siterubix hosting provides the fastest load times already. They pride themselves on it. So I'm sure if it would make a positive difference they would take action.
Stella741 Premium
Thanks for this explanation.