Someone Auctioned My Expired Domain for £459!

Last Update: April 17, 2022

I've been very lazy these days and have been scammed recently.

I found out how just a few minutes ago. It goes like this..I wanted to renew an expired domain, then discovered I could not do that as there was a 404 message when I tried to log in via WA.

However, my site was still up available in the search engines.

So I went to Help/Support in WA and they discovered that my domain name had been registered with GoDaddy and that I would have to buy my domain name from them then point the site to WA nameservers. (Don't ask me, I'm confused too..!)

So I went to GoDaddy and it transpired that my domain name is available for auction for a whopping £459!!

Yes, in pounds! I don't have that cash to spare...

So will have to buy a different domain name and attach it to my site which I can still build out.

Who would have thought that my domain name would be worth that much? I could sure do with £459 right now!!

So this is a warning to you newbies here at WA...Don't let your domain expire. Because someone else can hijack it and sell it for more that it's worth. Like they did to me.

Over and out...

Exit Stage Left...

Au Revoire...

PS....To everyone who commiserated with me...Thanks everyone. I hadn't touched the site in a year, so wasn't surprised.

The same thing almost happened to my other site. I stopped it from going on the market just in time though. I really have learnt my lesson.

GoDaddy made it premium because I chose a good name less than 15 characters and only 3 words. It just goes to show, your website and domain could be worth some dollars!!

Because of this, I feel new fire in my bones to continue building out my other site!!

Once again, thanks everyone!!

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FrankB-1 Premium Plus
Hi, Stella

Not a fun ending, but you'll do ok. You still have all your content. 😊
Zoopie Premium
Wow that’s terrible.
Good heads up, t
AbbeyxRoad05 Premium
I am so very sorry that happened to you. I had that happen years ago with one of mine. It's a huge lesson learned that's for sure. I have all mine on auto-renew so it doesn't happen to me again. I do hope the best for you moving forward!!

muslimah Premium
Sorry about that. It's a standard procedure for an expired domain.
It's best to set it at auto-renewal in case you miss the notification when it expires.
Encourager1 Premium Plus
I have had that happen as well. Don't like it much but there's nothing you can do. Good advice hang on to your domains if you ever plan on using them in the future.