Shout Out For ParthaB!

Last Update: May 2, 2022

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Well, I'm not sure if anyone has had a glimpse of ParthaB's WA posts lately.

His latest post was about Quora and how to search for keyword topics and also get traffic to your site from it.

I read the whole post - Can Your Massive Traffic...

And was surprised to find that I had forgotten to mention my website link in my profile. So I copied Partha's method and wrote a 700 word answer to someone who had itchy skin on a very sensitive part of their body.

It's had 36 views already.

What Am I Really Getting At Here?

I noticed I have been on Quora for over a year and have been getting lots of views to all the answers I put up over this past year. Without affiliate links.

So was very curious to know how come Partha had over 650 views to his site when we are not allowed to promote ourselves on this platform.

But now I see, he put his site link in his profile, so it makes total sense!

So I want to say a big thank you to ParthaB for helping me get traffic to my site as it's something I have been struggling with ever since the last 2 years of putting out content for my eczema site.

Thank you ever soooo much! I really do owe you one!!

Recent Comments


I agree, Stella! PP is the best!


And I'm glad he is with us at WA!

Me too, Stella! He and his information are true treasures!


Kudos to Partha.
He's doing a great job here.

Yes he definitely is!

Way to go Stella!
And thanks to the amazing Partha B!

ParthaB is someone to watch if you're serious about traffic and making money. He has all the tricks of the trade so to speak.'


Yes he does!

Shout, shout! Way to go, ParthaB!

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