One PPC Campaign Later.

Last Update: March 05, 2022

Well, as it turns out, I mistakenly left my Bing Ads campaign running for more than a week. Luckily, I had a £100 coupon that paid for it. At £15 a day, it wasn't very cheap.

I ended up with just 1 subscriber to my email list. Hmmm...!

My ad could have been better, but I'm glad it pulled in some traffic. As a result, my site is now ranking in Google and Bing.

For those of you who don't know, I had to change my domain name due to my old domain being expired and no longer available for me to renew.

This time round, I shall put my domain up for at least 5 years running...This year is going to be my hard slog and work year where I have to pull in traffic.

PPC ads are a quick fix. I had plenty of clicks, but the CPC (cost per click) came to £0.70 per click. Which is rather high for me. I prefer it to be cheaper than £0.50 myself.

The lower the CPC, the more clicks I get for a cheaper price. For example with CPC at £1.00 per click, you only get 1 click, if it were £0.50 per click, that works out to 2 clicks...The cheaper, the merrier...

Social media is a very slow hog for pulling in traffic. Visitors rarely come off the site and though Pinterest is great for traffic, I don't really like building Pins in Canva unless the mood strikes...

I must appear to be very lazy, but how else can I get traffic as quickly as PPC ads?

Kindly advise - your thoughts are appreciated.

Looking forward to them!

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Zoopie Premium
Thanks for the feedback on your ppc campaign. I am looking at doing one, but may go with duck duck go, a more targeted market for my niche.
Stella741 Premium
That's alright Stephen. My pleasure.
Dale123 Premium Plus
Cheaper CPC seems good at a glance, but actually in some cases a more expensive CPC can provide a better return due to it being a more qualified customer. It's all about what you can make on the CPC, as opposed to the CPC itself.

PPC is a difficult beast, but very powerful once you master it. Unfortunately, to master PPC you need to be willing to lose a lot of money at first.
Stella741 Premium
Hi Dale,

PPC is not actually that complicated. It was the first thing I learnt online from a £47 course way back in 2006. I am still using the training (which I printed off) to create my campaigns.

It was THAT thorough...Even down to negative phrase match and exact phrase matches...

I practised tweaking ads for up to 14 hours a day and got hooked on PPC after making £500 in sales from selling that course. Within 3 weeks!

That may not seem much, but for a total newbie and results like that straight away, I became hooked on PPC ads.

Social media marketing seems to pale in comparison. And I tend to treat it as such...