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Last Update: Nov 27, 2018

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It's been an interesting 2 weeks..and a roller coaster ride with email strategy...

I realised things about myself I never saw before..

When facing a problem - ask

When waiting for an answer, do the dishes,

Search in classrooms and watch email list building options time and time again...

Still the question remains....

How do you make a custom thankyou page without using your header and menu? In other words a blank page for confirmation?

If you use Thrive themes, the page is now blank, you have filled in the blanks...

Now to link Thrive confirmation page to Aweber....And the answer is...

It must be really simple, but I'm not sure what to do here... 2 months on!

We have over 100,000 WA members on here. Surely one of you knows....

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As for your page - Unless you have Thrive Architect you cannot remove your sites header. With Thrive Architect you can build a landing page that you can custom create any way you want.

However you can choose landing Page beside the editor in your wordpress dashboard for your thank page and that will remove your sites menu from displaying but it will still ahve your sites header.

Your confirmation page and Aweber - go into your Aweber account - click on Sign Up Forms - as you create your sign-up form or if you’ve already created it click on the sign up form and in step 2 of creating your form you will see where it says Thank You Page, here is where you add the link to your confirmation page, your thank you page.

If you are using Thrive themes and Thrive leads - go into the members area of thrive and they will answer your questions, click on the supprt form for your theme. You can also check out the video tutorials as well.

Also you can live chat with Aweber and they will guide you through things.

Hi Leo,

I actually do have Thrive Architect....and only want a blank page with simple links.. It is rather fiddly as they have changed their interface...I have asked for their support and they are on the case...

On Aweber I have created my forms and put in the custom link for my Thank you page...

I have also followed Magistudio's email marketing training videos to the letter...Watching all the March and August series repeatedly to brainwash my mind with email marketing techniques...

Slowly but surely.....

Thanks for encouraging me Leo!

Sounds like you have everything under control, good luck with everything.

Thanks Leo...

Many themes, as Thrive, Divi themes have an option on the right side of the page to change "default sidebar" to "no sidebar" and create a blank page. I also use an ultimate landing page plugin which is free of charge.

Thanks dear....

I will try that!

don't you just embed your code from aweber ( the thank you page)?
and add more from thrive if you want to add more value for your visitors?


I meant a blank page using my theme and making it a thank you or confirmation page with links...The header and menu are not needed....

I have already put in the form as a side widget. on other pages.

I have been asking about this on both Thrive support and here....

It must be really simple, but am not too sure of the way to go about it...Yet...

like leo says you will need the page builder to create a blank canvas.
so if you don't have thrive architect then go for elementor or similar and create a blank canvas and pop it on there.

Thanks! I have Thrive Architect already....

I use mailer-lite not to familiar with Aweber


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