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Last Update: October 18, 2021

After a little while that my computer sped itself up, I'm well on my way to creating a landing page. Only thing is, I'm not sure about the url it's on. Am I meant to promote the long url that has come up or should I use

Any ideas? I'm not sure what to do.

Thanks for any advice given.

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Eugene Premium
Stella, the esiest way is to get the link to your landing page and put in in your menu as a custom link. See screenshots below. Just go to your WordPress Back Office, select Appearance and then Menu
muslimah Premium
If you want to promote WA on your website, use your website home page URL and interlink.
For other purposes, you can use Pretty links or thirty affiliate plugins to shorten the link.
Steadfast1 Premium Plus
Hello, Are you using this landing page as the front of your website, or is it one you will use as a sales funnel?
If it is for the front of your website, then the URL will be the same as your site.
If it is for a sales funnel, you may want to shorten the URL when you share on, let's say, social media.
Does this answer help at all?
Stella741 Premium
Hi Laura,

It's part of a sales funnel...looks like I will shorten it then...

Thanks for replying quickly. Really appreciate it.