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Last Update: Apr 22, 2022


I've realised that most of the images on my site are too large. I have bulk optimized them to 300 x 300. In the media library.

However, when I went to the posts where the pictures are, they are still in the original large size.

My question is, how do I transfer the re-sized images to the posts? Do I have to delete each picture and insert the smaller size. For each post?

Kindly advise...

There must be a simple way to do this. I have also noticed that in 'Edit Image' icon that comes up in Block Editor, there is no way to resize the image within the editor then click update...

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Hi, Stella, if you just change the image size in your media library it will probably remain in the old size in your text or block code editor.

You need to delete the original sized image and upload the resized image in Add Media, this will delete the image source in the test or block code editor and install the new one..

The easiest and quickest way is to change the image size in your text or block code editor. In the image source code change the size you want there (Image 1). To keep the perspective make sure you reduce height and width by the same number of pixels.

Hope this helps. If I can help any further give me a shout. Best wishes.

Hi Stella
If you're making images smaller, you can do that within the Edit facility for each image in the Media Library, so long as you want to scale them. However, you can't make them larger in the Media Library.

There are other ways but they're more longwinded.

To replace the images in Block Editor you need to click on the image block and click Replace ... you then go to the Media Library to select the replacement image.

Also, something you might find useful if you're using chrome...
it can be difficult to find the exact size of a rendered image...
If you search for "image size info chrome extension" and install the Chrome extension you will be able to right-click on any image and find the original dimensions, the rendered dimensions and the digital size of most images...

Thank you very much!

You're welcome. If you need to do ask questions...

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