Get Access to My Facebook Page?!

Last Update: August 16, 2021

Okay - so I've been trying to access my old Facebook Fan Page and also old FBook account.

For the past 5 months it has been dormant because I did not have any of my login details. Not even the email address, or password or phone number on both accounts.

So I set up another account. However, I have more than 2000 followers on one of the pages and have valuable pictures on there because I did Facebook Ads for the account.

Do I have to start all over again? It took me some time to get those followers and some of them were sending me messages!

What do I do?

WA Family - Kindly Advise...

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JimTheFin Premium Plus
Don't start over. You can continue to post there or invite them to your new page. This might help weed out those who are interested in your information.
Stella741 Premium
I can't post on the Fan Page in Facebook. Both accounts can be seen but not posted on.

I have thought about this overnight and decided tto start over. I will just add a new profile and ask people to friend my page. if it's possible.