Day 4 - NO Site Feedback Response

Last Update: June 13, 2021

Day 4 is here and still no joy with Site Feedback response. Which I find very strange as there are over 1 Million people on Wealtny Affiliate.

Please come out of the woodwork and give me some feedback on my site.

I don'lt like hearing crickets in the background.

So wherever you are....Come out, come on and come discover feedback for my site.

Thanks in advance...

PS. Just in case you don't know where it is - Site Feedback is in Websites (in the top menu of WA)...All you need do is fill in a few paragraphs on site design, content layout etc.

This can save many of you from putting out a horrible looking website.

It's actually more important that Site Comments. Because people could turn away from your site if it is hard to navigate or really horrible colours and layout.

You have been warned.

So please head over there now...!!

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philmedia Premium Plus
Hi Stella, if you need any thoughts just ping me a link via PM and I'll give it a look as a "reader", all the best,Phil
Stella741 Premium
Thanks Phil, I'll PM you...

Really appreciate it.

BrendaMZ Premium
I did go there and did not see yours there. So many people there so it’s possible that there will be delays, use the feedback on my website thread for faster response.
Stella741 Premium
Thanks, will check it out.
richardgb Premium
Hi Stella
Thare are various eeasins for delays for official sute feedback.
Another way to ask for feedback is via this link, set up by Kyle: :-)