YouTube Training – Everything You Need to Know

Last Update: May 29, 2018

If you are interested in YouTube training that covers all the bases, you have come to the right place.

The Live Training here at Wealthy Affiliate will connect the dots for ranking, producing, streaming, and advertising with YouTube videos.

The YouTube Training Expert

You will get this comprehensive training on how to use YouTube from the expert viewpoint of Jay (@magistudios), the Wealthy Affiliate Live Training Coach.

He is an experienced and successful Internet marketer who demonstrates points with personal examples.

Jay has produced a four-part series of recordings on YouTube that will provide you with expert information, advice, tips, and concrete examples from his personal experience.

And, this is just one example of the generosity of the experts on this platform. There is a ton of training available for a vast array of topics.

Where else can you get that along with domains, hosting, support, and training for every level from beginner and up for such a low monthly fee? Nowhere.

These particular videos about YouTube originally aired as live events but are still available to Premium members as recordings.

It’s just one of the many advantages that come with a Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership.

And when you launch into affiliate marketing, you want every advantage, right?

YouTube Training Recordings

As a Premium member, you can access all the live training in the Live Events Tab in the menu to the left:

Here are the 4 YouTube recordings in order:

YouTube Training One – Ranking YouTube Videos:

YouTube Training Two – Producing Your First YouTube Video:

YouTube Training Three – Streaming on YouTube Live:

YouTube Training Four – Advertising on YouTube:

My Recommendation

If you want to get the best comprehensive training on YouTube Marketing, with a top expert, I highly recommend this series of recordings.

I always watch Jay’s training, even if it is not a topic that I think I’m ready for, because I know I will learn something.

This training for YouTube was so inspiring and easy to follow, I set up a channel and started using Lumen 5 to turn some of my blog posts into videos. This allows me to get my feet wet using the platform and working with video.

Here is some great training on Lumen 5 by another WA member @kdforsman:

I’ve also embedded YouTube videos on some of my blog posts to increase viewing time. Another tip I learned from Jay.

I can actually see myself making a video of my own in the near future. Talk about expanding your confidence and potential.

I certainly got more than I expected from following the series and paying close attention. YouTube isn’t at all as scary as it first seemed.

I’ve bookmarked this series as a reference to go back to as I explore and develop this aspect of online marketing.

Remember, I was completely new to YouTube, and I'm a total introvert. And, I got all this from just one run through. Imagine what you might be inspired to do with this knowledge.

What You Can Do

If you are not a member of Wealthy Affiliate, or you are a Starter Member, you would definitely benefit from the quality training of the Live Events and recordings.

A Premium Membership gives you that access.

If you are a Premium member and you are currently following the Online Entrepreneur Certification or Affiliate Bootcamp training, continue with the lessons as consistently as possible.

The steps @Kyle (co-founder) teaches there are invaluable and have been proven to work many times over.

While you do that, make time to a) watch each weekly live episode of Jay’s training, and/or b) search through the previous recordings for topics to increase your knowledge in specific areas.

Don’t panic if you don’t grasp everything that is discussed. The more training you follow, the faster things will start to click into place.

It never hurts to review any of the training or recordings here at Wealthy Affiliate to reinforce what you are learning. I feel another point driven home every time I review a piece of training.

This extensive YouTube series is just one of a multitude of incredible opportunities to learn more about owning a successful online business.

Make sure to check it out!

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MojalefaR Premium
Thanks, Stella. I am certainly going to.

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Stella2 Premium
Thanks, Mojalefa!
Jay's live training is top-notch! :-)
heljam404A Premium
Thanks a bunch, Stella.
Stella2 Premium
You're welcome! :-)
jetrbby80316 Premium
It's great training Stella no doubt, thanks for the summary.
I've seen all of Jay's You Tube training, except for "Advertising on You Tube" and I definitely learned a few things.

That one is next. Thanks for this great post!

Stella2 Premium
You're welcome, Kaju!
Yes, I've been playing around with Bing, so I may try YouTube advertising next. Now that I have such great instruction to follow. :-)
Wayne66 Premium
Really enjoyed reading your post, Stella. I'm not at the point of doing YouTube videos but I will definitely take in Jay's training when the time comes.

I'm thinking this will be added to your website.

Well done,
Stella2 Premium
Thanks, Wayne!
Jay has training on tons of different subjects if you ever want to get some extra on any subject.
All the best! :-)
Wayne66 Premium
Can't deny that at all. Jay's training is just one of the things that make WA all that it is.

All the best right back at you.
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Great job Stella!!

Tried and True

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Thanks, Elaine! :-)