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Last Update: August 20, 2018

I wanted to share this info from our friend @boomergp08 (Robert) in case you haven't seen it yet. It's very important.

As you can see from the title, the subject is how your website appears on mobile (cell phones, smartphones).

Depending on your theme, your site may look very different to a visitor that is viewing it on their phone as opposed to a laptop.

And, it needs to look a certain way to be reader-friendly on a phone. Plus, loading speed is important.

Why does it matter? Because more and more people are searching and shopping from their phone, which is very relevant to anyone with an online business. I have Amazon sites, and that business has made it very easy for people to shop from their phones.

The good news is that most WordPress themes are responsive and you would probably just need a little tweaking to be fine. I use Astra and that's all I needed to do – adjust some images and make sure there was plenty of white space.

Here's the part I don't want you to miss:

Our friend @boomergp08 (Robert) has posted a couple of blogs and a training that you will want to check out to get great info on this topic.

He had dinner twice with an old work friend who currently works at Google (2 blogs), and then he shared the important points in a training. I believe there is another to follow later. You can find them here:

First Blog Post

Second Blog Post

Training – The SEO Tips

Read these to get the well-explained information that Robert has so generously shared with us.

One point from my experience:

As I said, I only needed to do a bit of tweaking to get my sites looking okay. And, that may be all you need to do.

However, I did notice that with images on mobile, if they are aligned to the right or left, they don't look as good because they squash the text into small odd columns. If they are really small it works better. The images that are aligned "center" work far better.

Keep in mind that this is just my experience with my theme and sites. You may have a different view.

I hope you find this as helpful as I did.

A BIG Thank-You to Robert for sharing this with the commmunity!

All the best with your websites,
Stella :-)

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newlive Premium
thank you for the information Stella do appreciate it
Stella2 Premium
You're welcome, Gus! :-)
MKearns Premium
My sites pass the mobile test!
Stella2 Premium
That's great, Mike! :-)
W1L Premium
Thank you very much for this reminder... I have seen this brought up a couple times here at WA and elsewhere....authors/designers need to ALWAYS consider the mobile user when creating content.

More and more content is being accessed by tables and smartphones... they just don’t have the screen space as the desktops.

As pages are being filled with super rich content... the order, layout and size should alway be considered before publishing.
If the rich content can make it to the users screeen in the desired manner... it doen’t matter how rich it was. It might get passed by because didn’t took longer to download.... or the user was confused because the order of conectent didn’t even make any sense.

My two cents. I double check my articles on my iPhone before I considers the post complete.

Thank you Stella and Robert for bring this up!
Stella2 Premium
You're welcome, Jesse!
And, thank you for your comments and insights.
Yes, I've put it on my list of things to do with a post before I finish too.
Good idea! :-)
suzzziq Premium
Thanks for sharing!
Stella2 Premium
You're welcome! :-)
RAFStuart Premium
Thanks for this Stella, always centre my images, think that they look better, I have a friend who is a top Website owner and he kindly checks my sites for me on his mobile, which until he showed me I had not even thought about. So thanks for sharing.

Stella2 Premium
You're welcome, Stuart!
And, that's a great friend to have. I'm glad you are getting it checked. :-)
RAFStuart Premium
It was not intentional, but good to both see and know.