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Last Update: October 16, 2018

Hey Everyone :-)

I saw an exchange on Live Chat this morning between Kyle and a member who was concerned about a drop in traffic on their site. They were concerned, like many people lately, about Google updates. However, Kyle, in his wisdom, pointed out something else.

I wanted to share one important piece of what he said in the exchange because many people may have missed it:

KYLE: Just never take the foot off the pedal, especially when things are going good. That is when you want to step on the pedal harder. Of course we panic and start to work hard when things are in a downswing, but you need to have that same sense of urgency when things are going well.

Isn't that just brilliant?!

That's the kind of value we get here at WA. Firm and gentle advice from a co-owner in a one-to-one conversation that everyone else can view. And, just dripping with wisdom and good advice.

BTW: Kyle also explained that Google is coming down hard on sites that don't show activity. So, if you are seeing less traffic and sales, it might be the Google updating. But it might be that you are being less active with your business. And, Kyle advised that the worse thing you can do if you get hit by an update is to slow down or stop. You won't rebound unless you make it happen.

Another Gem: Kyle also used the analogy that if you owned a restaurant and didn't show up for 4 months, how would your business fare?

People? Do we appreciate how good we have it here at WA?

An Example: If you want to see what Kyle says in action, take a look at what @littlemama (Grace) has to say about how she got to Vegas. She put her head down and cranked out content like a machine. She wasn't even checking her ranking, then people started telling her that she was showing up in the top position for many searches.

Grace's Vegas Post

Another Great Example: If you want to see how to rebound from a Google issue, check out this inspiring post by Eddy (with a y) - @eddysalomon. He brought his site back from a major hit by using consistent content.

Eddy's Post

One of the reason's that I took such notice of what Kyle said in Live Chat is because I've been posting a lot of content to my site lately, and it really encuraged me to keep it up and that I'm going in the right direction.

So, make sure to have consistent activity on your site, as many times per week as you can manage.

But consistently!

And, don't forget about the revamped SiteComments. It's a great way to get activity and extra words on your site. Comments count as activity and content, too.

SiteComments 2.0

So what are you hanging around reading this for? Get to work on your content!

Stella :-)

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Loes Premium
I'm going, I am going🛫

Thanks great post!
Stella2 Premium
Thanks, Loes, and that's right, get to work! Lol :-)
shazzaWA Premium
Fantastic Stella. I have been putting the pedal to the metal..lol.. But seriously I have and just been cranking out blog posts daily. I have a system now and it is working well. And it is thanks to this brilliant place and the people we learn from.
Stella2 Premium
Absolutely, Sharon!
I've been working hard lately, too, and I felt really motivated by Kyle today.
All the best! :-)
BlSt Premium
Excellent post. Thanks for sharing. Most of my questions got answered here. I'm really glad I decided to read this post
Stella2 Premium
You're welcome.
I'm so glad it was helpful for you.
Every success to you! :-)
Fleeky Premium

Real gold
Stella2 Premium
Yes, indeed.
All the best to you, Fleeky! :-)
MikaelM Premium
Thanks for sharing this for the ones of use who missed the live chat.
Stella2 Premium
You're welcome.
All the best with your content! :-)