My Two-Year Anniversary with Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: October 16, 2018

Hi All;

As many say at this point, I can’t believe I’ve been here this long!

I love the Wealthy Affiliate community and I hope I am here for many more years. It is a wonderful platform and there are wonderful people to get to know while sharing the online experience.

After I started, I went through a couple of different sites. I had one from doing Certification Training. It made some sales, so I know the process that we learn here works. But I wasn’t enjoying working on it. And the competition was fierce.

Then I did another through Bootcamp and I actually got a few referrals, but none have gone Premium yet. I also wasn’t comfortable with that site because it didn’t include the topics that I really enjoy spending time writing about.

Right now, I have a site that is fairly new-ish. But, the good news is, I figured out how to marry all of the things that I love writing about and sharing. So, I think this one is a keeper. I look forward to it each day, and it’s fun.

Also, don’t regret any of the stuff you do that is trial and error. I don’t. I learned a lot about the process with those early sites. Hopefully, I will apply it well with the current blog. (Sometimes, I am amazed at the things that I have been able to learn since I joined two years ago.)

As I used to tell my students, we don’t make mistakes, we have learning experiences. I don’t regret any part of my journey here.

I will be sure to post updates about any success with this current blog.

I wish you all many years of success and enjoyment with your online journey.

Stella :-)

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buffetearns Premium
Excellent Stella well done!

Stella2 Premium
Thank you, Wayne! :-)
laurenjean Premium
Awesome post, Stella! Congrats on your 2 year Anniversary. I'll go check out your latest site as soon as I get a mo. Sounds like a very useful learning curve.
Stella2 Premium
Thank you!
Yes, lots of learning, but most enjoyable. :-)
MMoncur Premium
Happy Anniversary Stella!
Stella2 Premium
Thanks so much! :-)
Symanica Premium
Happy Anniversary Stella! I wish you Great Success with your new blog
Stella2 Premium
Thank you, Shell, and all the best to you, too! :-)
Nadja3 Premium
Congratulations! I wish you a successful continuation.
Stella2 Premium
Thanks so much, and to you, too! :-)