5 Ways to Accomplish More with Some Trickery Involved

Last Update: March 03, 2019


This is a post with 2 aims:

1) To provide tips on how to break tasks down and not get overwhelmed by the big picture, and

2) To provide an example of a listicle ("list" type of blog post). These types of articles are popular with readers and easy to put together. They're terrific for beginners who struggle to write informational posts.


Example Post Starts Here:

5 Tips to Accomplish More

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of work required to build a successful website, try breaking it down into bite-sized chunks to make it manageable.

The most successful humans are those who learn how to trick themselves into performing better, not those who trick other people.

Changing your mindset can work miracles!

So, here are 5 tips you can apply to your daily tasks and accomplish more for your online buiness:

Number 1 – Aim for Your Post Total in Increments of 5

We all know it takes a lot of content to generate the kind of organic traffic we want for success. But if you give that goal too much focus it may paralyse you. So, if the big picture is scary, reduce it down to size.

Instead, break your post total into increments of 5 (or whatever number works for you). You must change your mindset and trick yourself into feeling it's do-able.

Our minds like to see where the finish line is. That's why the big picture is overwhelming.

I use the number 5 and it works for me. So, when I hit 15, I don't think "OMG I need soooo much more content to gain traffic!!!"

Instead, I set my next goal at 20. And, I put a note in my planner for when I want to hit 20. That's do-able.

Sometimes I hit the date and sometimes I don't. But the end result is I always have more content than I did before.

Number 2 – Set Goals and Celebrate Your Progress

We all like to encourage each other here at Wealthy Affiliate, and you may also have support at home from family and friends, but YOU must become your biggest champion.

I like to set rewards for accomplishments. I do it daily, weekly, and monthly. And I am my biggest supporter.

For example, if I write for an hour, I get a break to do something I like for a few minutes, or have a favorite snack. If I reach my weekly goals, I get Saturday afternoon off to do something fun. If I reach my monthly goals, I get a whole day to recharge.

These are examples. I mix it up to suit the circumstances and what's going on in my life at the moment.

Set goals, and celebrate everything you accomplish. DO NOT get down on yourself if you miss the mark. Every step forward helps your business. Use everything as a learning experience.

Change your mindset from negative losses to positive wins.

I often see Kyle tell people to shoot for the moon so they'll at least land among the stars.

Kyle is smart. Be like Kyle.

Number 3 – Use a Timer for Writing Sessions

If writing is a chore – and it usually is, especially in the beginning – use a timer to break the tasks into chunks.

Set the timer for 10 minutes and write until it goes off. Take a short break. Then set it for another 10 minutes. And so on. Tweak this to suit your preferences and needs.

I often find 5 minutes is all that's needed to get me into "writing mode." Next thing I know, an hour has gone by!

There's nothing wrong with tricking yourself. It works!

Number 4 – Use an Outline and Complete One Section at a Time

I almost always write from an outline. It creates a plan of action and breaks the writing task into manageable chunks.

When you sit down to write, don't focus on getting the whole post finished. That's intimidating. Focus on each section of the post. It takes the dread out of your mindset.

If you sit down and think, okay, if I can write for 10-15 minutes and get this section completed, I've accomplished a good piece of my overall task.

As I said above, sometimes that's all that's needed to shift the mindset and push on with other sections. Before you know it, the post is done!

Number 5 – Schedule Individual Tasks

Okay, you need to get this: MULTI-TASKING IS A MYTH!!

And, it's a dangerous one.

Schedule your tasks one at a time, and stick to the activity in front of you. You cannot do social media, research, writing, and WA Live Chat at the same time.

You might think you are, but you're not.

Schedule time for tasks separately and stick to your task until you move on to the next job. What happens with "multitasking" is you are using just as much, if not more time, and your focus and creativity suffer.

Having once considered myself the "Queen of Multitasking," now turned Mrs. Super Focus, I know what I'm talking about. It's a recipe for burnout. Don't kid yourself.

I hope these 5 tips help you "trick" yourself into being more productive with your content creation and other tasks.

Example Post Ends Here


So, there you have 5 tips to be more productive wrapped up in an example of an information listicle. I hope both are helpful to you.

(Note: This list post is less than 1000 words. It's an example. If I were doing this for real on my blog, I would aim for as much as I could produce with more tips included. Google likes longer content.)

Wishing you abundant productivity and success,

Stella :-)

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agychin Premium
Thanks for the sharing. Your great tips come in handy in segregating our contents creation and other tasks need to be done in WA.

With appreciation,
Stella2 Premium
You're welcome, Agnes!
I'm glad you find it useful.

All the best,
Stella :-)
heljam404A Premium
Absolutely loved your post, you gave me some great tips thanks for sharing.
Stella2 Premium
You're welcome, and I'm glad it's helpful for you.
Best to you,
Stella :-)
kmer6 Premium
Very well written and organized tips to help anyone accomplish writing tasks. I especially like using an outline. By using an outline not only breaks down the writing process into manageable sized chunks, but also allows your content to flow from the beginning to the end.
Thank you for your suggestions. With a better plan we can all be better writers.
Stella2 Premium
You're welcome, Ken, and I agree, outlines are so useful. I almost always use one to break down a post before I fill it in.

Every success to you,
Stella :-)
Cav1966 Premium
Really good information..yes readers love listicles....that is why best of posts are successful..and you just gave me a good idea on how to make my next marketing article i was struggling with
Lol it will be a listacle ....awesome
Stella2 Premium
Yes, awesome! I'm glad this inspired you on how to proceed.

I wish you every success with your business,
Stella :-)
JagR Premium
I love this. I usually start of with 15 subheadings for each article, but by the time I get to 7, the article is already over 1500 words.

Then I go through subheadings again and delete the ones that have already been explained in the article.

My mind is happy because it originally thought there were 15 subheadings to cover, but realizes now it is only 7 or maybe one or two more.
Stella2 Premium
Exactly! When the mind is happy, nothing feels like a chore and we accomplish more.

Best to you,
Stella :-)