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So after deleting my first website after some errors,I quickly came up with a plan,I sat down for hours on hours and watched each video starting again from lesson 1,I replayed each video,researched,used a lot of google search engine and I had a BIG NOTEBOOK taking notes of points in each lesson!!! I went ahead a built a new site, purchased and transferred domain and made my first keyword rich content I was so frustrated at first I actually broke down but as I research and followed the videos' K
Hey guys !I finally upgraded to premium 💯👏👏👏wish me luck as I proceed to the next step
At first everything seem so complicated,I was confused and scared.I however watched all videos while following along and carefully building my website.It took hours ,but I had no problem watching videos over and over to ensure my website was completed properly. It became so much easier as I started and I am so happy to announce that I have finally finished building my website.special thanks to everyone who assisted me on my journey thus far ,Kyle🤗 and his teamI do need to upgrade to pre
January 04, 2021
Many people doesn't live to see another day but we survived an entire year.Giving God thanks is absolutely important each day .. I pray God's blessings on each ,especially during this pandemic!! May our hearts be filled with love ,Joy and peaceGuidance & Blessings for the New year