Training done

Last Update: December 07, 2017

Training done
Here I am basically at the end of the training in WA;
I've rush it and the training is done, too bad one can't speed it up the rest, the ranking, monetizing and so on;

It's all goooood,
Still good thought, I've learned a lot of thing and I'm keeping adding pieces and bits to my page as a content and in the back office to make it as best as I can;

I don't really have a job right now so I really hope to make it work at some point,actually as fast as possible, I know that a little time is needed but I do stress easily, so I really hope to at least see one sale before the three months mark and have something more concrete once I got to the six months one;

The training has been good, easy to follow and interesting, the only doubt I have is that sometime I feel that it could be outdated, I mean, internet is fast changing environment so when I see one year or older training I'm always unsure whether is still up to date. But I want to trust WA and let's see what happened,

Going WA affiliate
I want to trust WA so much that by the side of my niche I will start another page as an affiliate for WA.
Do you think is a good idea? affiliates out there, are you monetizing from WA? and if so, how long did it take?

take care everybody,
speak you soon;


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annash Premium
Well done Stefano!
DDrees Premium
Good job, but do start interacting, answering questions, getting in on dialogue here etc. It really has benefited me tremendously.

I’ve only been on here for a little over a month myself and from what I have read from external sources and other comments on here, patience is key. I would guess that the drop out rate is pretty high in affiliate marketing as people want immediate results. That just does not happen in the internet world.

Best wishes Stefano,

sprbst53 Premium
Sounds like you've done good so far. Hang in there, it will produce results.
Francyn Premium
Wow!. Well done. Can't wait to get there. Frustrating isn't it. I gues be patient.