Should I join yazing affiliate network?

Should I join yazing affiliate network?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

I recently found a product I am interested in promoting for a new niche I am working on. The vendor is using Yazing as the affiliate network. I would appreciate if anyone with


I would look up reviews and do my due diligence before I sign up. You may find same elsewhere more reputable, check if they have tracking and pay their affiliates.

Hope this helps.

However, to research more reliable networks, you may like review below resource

Thanks for the suggestions. Appreciate it.

You're very welcome.

Just subscribed to that wizard! I'd llke to know roughly how much traffic you need before affilate programs will accept you?

Your site need be ready before you apply for affiliate programs

You would have written 20 - 30 posts and have some traffic to be able apply for affiliate programs as typically they will check your site for relevance and traffic (you'd have to follow up on the program moving forward) prior approval.

For Amazon it is 10 - 15 posts. You also would have to make 3 sales in your first 180 days.

Lucrative programs - 40 posts +

Once accepted, they've given you material and special tracking code links you can share on your site.

Essentially you are writing more informational posts so that you do not sound so salesy to Google and if there’s a solution, a detailed analysis review post for your visitors to let them make an informed decision whether to go click your links and go purchase the focused item you proposed to solve their issue.

Once they do, and in accordance with your affiliation terms and conditions, how commission payouts are tracked and paid. You need to read up how payments are made because different programs follow different rules; some pay by check others via PayPal or straight to your check account.

I would always adhere to your affiliate program terms and conditions.

Thanks for the tips. Appreciate it. 👍🏼

I'd be just like you, Stanley--asking a question right here! It looks like you have some good answers to start, but there might be even more coming!


Yes, first experience with Yazing.

If you end up joining them, let us know what you think!




There always is! :)


Are you sure it's only on yazing? Yazing usually gets their programs from other networks.

Good question, more homework to do.

You can also do a google search on
is yazing affiliate legit
You will find some interesting information on it. Read what you see carefully.

I will do that but was wondering if anyone here have first hand experience. Thanks.

We have no experience with it

Hey Stanley,

You may find their trust rating interesting: and helpful in making your decision.

Hope you find this helpful.

Ha! Ha! Interesting indeed. Thanks.

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How can I change email password?

How can I change email password?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Once I setup email account, is there a way for the user to change the password?


For webmail no, it is pre-set. However, you may forward to a mailbox instead i.e. Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook etc.

What is a progressive web app?

What is a progressive web app?

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Website Development & Programming

I know what a responsive website is. Anyone knows what a "progressive web app" is? I heard this term this week.

In summary, it allows you to add a website to your smartphone so that it looks and interacts like a native app would.

Thanks, Chrystopher. Is it a downloadable app? or viewed from a mobile browser?

The PWA is added as an icon to your device, it isn't downloaded to the device, it uses your live website for its data. It doesn't open in a browser though, it is used within a self-contained app.

Thanks, now I am clear how this differs from responsive web application which runs inside a browser.

Could you use a subdomain to do that?

PWA is your website in most cases, it's not a separate website or app

Just reading comments learning

Learn together...

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Why my recent post does not appear on website?

Why my recent post does not appear on website?

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Everything Wordpress

My most recent post shows publish but it does not appear on my website. Anyone have this experience before? Why did you do to resolve it?

Thanks in advance.

Thank you, all. It is working now.

For those following, Site Support replied,

"We have enabled the Wp auto core settings. please allow it some time to reflect made changes."

WP Auto Core Settings won't have fIxed this issue, so I'm intrigued by what they actually did :-)

Hey Stanley,

Are you certain you created posts and NOT pages?

If you are certain that you created posts, and, you've checked to make sure the date you want shown as being publishes it not in the future... then go to your SiteManager: locate the website you want to fix, click on the Details button... scroll down to SiteSpeed, and click on the Clear Cache button. See screen print below...

Refresh your browser, reload your website and check again. If the posts STILL refuse to be displayed, then contact SiteSupport for their assistance:

Hope you find this helpful.

Yes, post and will try to clear cache. Thanks.

I’ve experienced something similar before. Discovered that when I published, instead of ‘immediately’, it was somehow defaulted to an earlier date. So it didn’t even show up in my ‘recent posts’ widget on the sidebar.

I changed the published date to the day itself, and that resolved it.

Ok, will check the date.

Hi there. You might try going to your web page, looking at your posts. And then checking your menu...i learning in the training we have to link them to a menu...hope that helps...😁

This is on my home page where all new posts will be published.

Hi Stanley,
I get a lot of quick answers in the live chat. There are some really experienced people that can help (smile)

Yes, that would work too. Thanks.


Did that several times.

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Anyone know how to create two column sidebar widget?

Anyone know how to create two column sidebar widget?

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Everything Wordpress

I am trying to create a 2 x 4, that is 2 column by 4 rows of icon images on my right sidebar widget.

Anyone knows how I can accomplish that?

Can I do that witho

Hey Stanley,

When using icon images in a sidebar widget, simply placing them side by each, they will line themselves up. That way you could create links for each one if you wanted to.

Can you provide a screen print of what you are trying to mimic?

Thank you so much Trish!

This is at least the third time you've helped me with a question I didn't even ask you.

Take care; be well & have a happy Saturday!

Gratefully & Respectfully Yours...

You're very welcome Charles, and Thank YOU for letting me know that this helped you. :-)

Attached is a screenshot of the sidebar icons.

Without being able to examine that sidebar, the entire white area could be an image, making 6 images in total, one beside the other. Each could easily have their own URL.

That was what I thought. However on the website the icon is an image but the text seem to be below the icon. Rather than trying to figure that out, I am just going to try to place the image with a link. That would be more achievable. Thanks, Trish.

Can you please send me the site's URL in a private message for me to inspect. Now you've REALLY got me curious and I would love to learn.

Ha! Ha! Sure.

This MIGHT be it... Custom Sidebars – Dynamic Widget Area Manager by WPMU DEV

Please let me know if this works for you.

Thanks, Trish. Will check it out.

Sometimes, it depends on the theme used. On generate press, you can individually change the option for content/ column/column
Or column/content/column.
Hope that helps..

Yes, I read that but still could not replicate the effect I wanted.

Sorry, I misread what you wrote.
You can insert a gallery into a widget in sidebar. That gallery will may or may not offer 2x4...depends on the gallery . If you need to download a plugin, install soliloquy plugin. The free version gives you plenty of options...

Thanks. I will try. Appreciate it.

If they don't have to be individually clickable you could just create one image incorporating all 8 images using Canva.
Maybe a different theme would have the 2 column widget option.

I am trying to arrange these icons as individual links and when viewed on mobile, they will be responsive and arranged in one column.

There a couple of plugins that I found. I have not tried them, iI hope that they would be of help, the plugins are called:
Easy Widget Columns
Genesis Widget Column Classes

I will look it up. Thank you.

I was able to do it with the gallery on my rescue dog site, but never attempted to do it with icons.

Yes, I could put one there too. Now trying to arrange a bunch of icons.

Let me know how it works out for you.



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