Your Niche Site Is An Asset

Last Update: May 28, 2020

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If you are new at WA, the big elephant in the room is, can I make money building websites?

Some may also be skeptical of members here talking about following the training and building your website. After all, there is an affiliate program to promote WA and make money from subscribers.

The reality is members at WA have different niches and that is the beauty of this business. You don't have to promote the same product and your passion, interest and creativity can be part of your niche.

I have been working hard this week...

I was busy on Zoom conducting a virtual class for four days in a row... 😳

To relieve my Zoom fatigue, I was just looking at some sites out up on Flippa.

Then I decided my friends at WA could benefit from my time-out activity.

Your niche site is an asset. Take a look below.

A Cheese Niche is up for sale in an auction

This Glass Niche is asking for more than $100,000

If you buy this site at $100,000 with $15,564 profit/month, the payback period is less than 6 and half months.

Is this the exception or the rule?

There are many sites making money from their online niche assets.

Take a look at the following niche listing just this week.

More Profitable Niches

This is sufficient proof, there are many profitable niche sites making money.

The above list shows you, the monthly income and page views.

What can we learn from this?

You are an income site builder, and your site can be a profitable niche asset like those above.

You have all the tools and training here to:

  • Build your niche website, you can build up to 10 at a premium member
  • Create interesting content that can get page views
  • Use Jaaxy to get your pages/content ranked
  • Promote your site using social media, eg. Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok etc)

I have another 5 days of Zoom virtual class to teach.

I am thankful I am still making an income from my training during these difficult times.

I was building income sites and was interrupted when these training opportunity came up.

I believe in building several income streams and will be back building my income sites after this engagement.

Build your asset, start with one.

Then you can repeat the same process and build up to 10 income sites here at WA.

Wish you a great week.

Recent Comments


Really great post!
It is true that for newcomers to the blogging and affiliate world, it may seem strange to earn money by writing posts on products. But through hard work, it is entirely possible. We should not wait for everything to happen in our hands without doing anything because nothing will happen that way. However, once the machine is well oiled with good content, we can enjoy the rewards for our good work.


Well said, Ingrid!

Hey Stanley you have tickled my imagination. Killer good amount of food for thought. Perfect timing as the banking the world will not let go of me in the search for money. Private money is most likely my niche. Everyday call after call asking if there are any loans people can invest in for 9% return.
Thank you.!.

Cool. That is a great niche but require specialized knowledge.

Having almost five decades in investment banking qualifies as an expert. Would you agree?

👍🏼 Absolutely!

You brought up a valuable point. Out online businesses are just like bricks and mortar businesses. As sales and profits rise so do their valuations.

May I ask what is your opinion of having a MMO niche site? Have you found any of those for sale?

Thanks for this info.


Yes, we are putting some value into intangible assets.

Good ideas...problem is, there aren't enough hours in my day. I have two websites and post to each of them every four days, one after the other. It's all I can do to keep up with those. No way could I put time in another...In fact, I have two more websites has a couple of posts and the other is just the domain, but I have no time to work on them unless I give up sleeping. How do you do it? Do you hire researchers and/or writers?

You are right and I am still looking for ways to run multiple sites.

Good for you Stanley. I've always learned through teaching, and when you talk about a passion, it becomes fun. Thanks for posting this, there is good info here


You are right, Greg. That is a great way to learn.

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