Why Isn't EVERYONE making money at Wealthy Affiliates?

Last Update: September 18, 2019

Why Are You Here?

To answer the question, Why Isn't EVERYONE making money at Wealthy Affiliates?, we need to ask another question.

Why are you here?

Yes, why are you here...

Some of you are very diligent, you know what you want, done the research, tested the platform and subscribed to premium...

...other may just stumble on WA, got involved, felt good and decided to hang around a bit longer...

...while some are are not so sure, somewhere in between the above 2 scenarios but feel there is something here and signed up hoping something will work out.

Regardless of the reasons you are here, it really must have something to do with the following 4 key benefits that WA provides, actually there are a bit more but I summarize as follows:

  • Learn about Affiliate Marketing
  • Build WordPress Websites
  • Network with A Business Community
  • Build An Online Business

You may be wondering why building an online business is the 4th bullet point? read on....

"Efforts and Courage Are Not Enough Without Purpose And Direction"

- John F. Kennedy

Does Skills Equals To Income?

Skills are necessary to get things done. It does not matter what you do, if you want to do something, you need skills.

  • If you want to cook, you need skills to know how to cook
  • If you want to write, you need to know language and comprehension etc
  • If you want to build something, you need to know how to design and contruct

However, knowing a skill does not equal an income, whether through a job or business...

  • Knowing how to cook does not make you a Chef
  • Knowing how to write does not make you an Author
  • Knowing how to build something does not make you an Engineer

Skills are necessary for living. We ALL NEED SKILLS. However, acquiring skills does not always equal to earning money.

It has a greater purpose. It may earn money for some, like a Chef. It may feed a family, like a parent and it may you happy, like someone who find joy in cooking.

Skills gives us ability and capacity. It makes us ABLE and CAPABLE.

    “Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.”

    - Mahatma Gandhi

    Critical Success Factors

    Whether you choose to start an online business full-time or part-time, it does not matter. It has now become your job, which is to earn an income from this business.

    As in Brian Tracy's words,

    What are the Critical Success Factors of building your business here at WA?

    What must you be absolutely, positively excellent at doing to be successful?

    These are questions we need to ask ourselves daily when building our business. The answer is different for each one of us.

    So, if you are expecting to find the password to an ATM, that is automated teller machine so you can push the buttons and money comes out. I am sorry to disappoint you.

    Sure, I wish it exists and I would have found it but after working for close to 30 years, I have still not found it and have long given up looking for that illusion...

    Some facts and success factors in any business, including yours at WA is as follows:

    • The is cost in every business, Stop fantasizing about a zero cost business
    • You need Strategic Focus, as JFK says "Purpose and Direction"
    • You need to take action with your Knowledge and Skills
    • You need to be marketing a product. If you don't sell anything, you won't make any money.

    "What are the critical success factors of your job? What must you be absolutely, positively excellent at doing to be successful?"

    - Brian Tracy

    WA Is The Canvas, You Are The Artist

    WA is the canvas for you to build your online business but YOU are the artist. You decide what is the business you are going to paint on this canvas.

    My personal experience here is WA provides more than a canvas. You should by now know that WA provides you with

    • the canvas (the platform)
    • the tools (brushes and paint)
    • the training (skills to paint)
    • the support group (feedback and encouragement)
    • the products (affiliate products to sell to make money)

    So, to answer the question we started with, the journey to success in making money online is the same as any business but you have significant time, space and cost leverage.

    We are all at different stages in this journey and we will need to ensure we commit ourselves to this journey to finish it!

    "As long as you're true to you, you believe it and you make others believe it, then what you're doing is just art. If you give everybody a blank canvas and some paint, not everybody's picture is going to be exactly the same, but it's still art. I just do what I do."

    - Jake Owen

    Please leave your feedback. I would love to hear your views.



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    JKulk1 Premium
    You just described life in general Stanley. In order to succeed at anything we need to understand what it is we want. We need to remain focused in the end goal and we need to excel in what we do. Jim
    Stanleycmng Premium Plus
    Thanks, Jim. Yes, it does apply to everything in life. However, sometimes we have “push button” expectations online...
    LindaG1 Premium
    Thanks Stanley, good post.
    Stanleycmng Premium Plus
    Thanks for dropping by, Linda.
    klchang Premium
    Wow! Good one.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Stanleycmng Premium Plus
    Thanks, KL.
    petardz Premium
    Great article, well written. I totally agree with you. But what I think that the biggest "problem" is - people don't want to wait. I am also following Income School on youtube, and they are also saying that the real traffic starts after site being live for 6 months... Someone just thinks that after 3-4 months they shall already see results and quit..

    Also, online business market is same as any other market/industry.. Not everyone can be very successful I think.. Some of us will maybe have 5-6 figures earnings, while others may have 300-400$ monthly, which is still great, its PASSIVE!

    Correct me if i'm wrong.
    Stanleycmng Premium Plus
    You are right. However, the model is scalable. If you have 3 sites of $500, that would be $1,500 monthly using the SAME skills and platform. Of course, when you have traffic, adding more products to monetize is also another option.
    petardz Premium
    Yes of course, I think that once you start earning some money, it's much easier to increase your earnings - you have skills for newer sites, and what you said, may add more posts that will monetize your site even more.

    The worst part is probably that first site you make, and wait to see some potential in it haha.
    AshleyAliens Premium
    Great article! Thank you!
    Stanleycmng Premium Plus
    You are welcome, Ashley. Thank you for being the first to drop by.