When Can We Travel Again?

Last Update: July 03, 2020

When can we travel again normally is the billion dollar question for all in the travel niche.

Brian Pearce, the Chief Economist at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) projected that the 2019 levels of travel (what many would call the last golden age of travel) will only return as early as 2023.

There is also another trend, that airfares will become expensive in the long run. However, airlines will be dropping fares to stimulate demand in the short term first.

Air Travel Can Only Happen If Countries Reopen Their Borders

It is in the best interests of countries to reopen their borders. The aviation industry in 2019 Statista was valued at US$828 billion according to Statista.

This industry has been crushed by the coronavirus in 2020, most are hoping with the gradual reopening whether it can achieve half of 2019 figure.

Do you think that is possible?

So, if you are in the travel niche, what should you do?

I have 3 suggestions:

List building:

There is interest in keeping updated on:

  • which countries can one travel to as it opens.
    • which airlines are resuming flights

    Content marketing:

    Post Covid-19 effect is the renewal of businesses and attractions (some businesses will close and new ones will emerge). This creates opportunity for new content:

    • Existing content will be obsolete. A top 10 restaurant list with 3 restaurants closed will no longer be relevant.
    • There will be increasing opportunity to build new content as the industry builds itself up again

    Local Marketing:

    Local businesses will need to market to a local or regional market.

    • Staycations will be an immediate opportunity
    • Travel products for individuals and small groups

    This disruptions and change will create opportunities so if you are in the travel niche, time to get creative and busy.

    Cheers 🥂

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    Amoura64 Premium
    Thanks Stanley, I suppose internal flights and as you say focusing on why people should visit where you live for a vacation . In Australia it was pretty expensive to holiday internally and cheaper to holiday at destinations abroad. Hopefully this will change and Aussie will be able to afford to holiday internally . In saying that, most of us travellers cant wait to get on a plane to an exotic desination ! regards Amera
    Stanleycmng Premium
    Yes, Amera. Traveller will look forward to travelling again. Hopefully soon in safe conditions.However, the forecast is it will be more expensive to travel.
    Babou3 Premium
    I think fear of the virus will hurt the travel and restaurant and nightclub industries for many more months. Few people want to be tested and have to stay in a fortnight isolated in their hotel when they go on a trip. Until a vaccine is found, we will always face open borders with strict conditions and with lists of countries allowed or not allowed to enter.

    Stanleycmng Premium
    You are right. A 3 day trip may end up with 28 days stay at home notice. That is a deterrent to international travel.
    StephenPrice Premium
    New Zealand is in a very good position with regards to International Arrivals and the Covid-19 problems. We eliminated the virus that had managed to get into the country, and now prevention measures work very well. We are opening up borders to visitors, with compulsory isolation times on arrival ( essentially 2 weeks at 1 location ) Forward bookings are very high, and planned visits are much longer than before. Interest in people moving to NZ to live permanently are through the roof !!!
    My websites (in planning stages) are all about helping people come here, so the future is looking very good.
    Anyone with International Travel experience are welcome to contact me towards having pages/links on my sites.
    Especially as I need multi-language site ability and local Associate Consultants.
    The Travel"corridor" as the NZ Govt. are calling it, is via Australia and is a short 2.5hr flight away.
    Also, there is a great opportunity for anybody with an interest/website related to business/property investment in New Zealand.
    Keep an eye out for my websites coming very soon......
    Stanleycmng Premium
    NZ has done well to keep the virus under control. Now the measures of resuming travel without compromising safety and recurrence. Looking forward to your websites.
    StephenPrice Premium
    Hi Stanley, we were fortunate in that the cases that did arrive were very quickly traced and full isolation measures were immediately put into effect. Unfortunately there were 3 clusters of infection at retirement homes caused by caregivers that arrived from Asia having contracted the virus and arriving here to work. The deaths that were recorded were to the elderly residents, and all the deaths in NZ ( 12 was the reported number recently ) was limited to these clusters.
    The future prevention measures are very strict, very well managed and designed to be able to open our borders up to International Visitors again with their benefits in mind.
    As you will know, having been involved in Tourism for as long as you have, the importance of visitor health and safety is paramount to any successful visit that they undertake beyond their homeland, and we take pride in the fact that we put their personal safety at very high levels that exceed many other standards in place elsewhere.
    I must say, that after approximately 45 years being involved in the Tourism Industry in New Zealand, I was very impressed with the swift reaction to the corona-19 outbreak containment carried out by the New Zealand Govt. and the Industry Leaders.
    The biggest wish all "Kiwis" have for our visitors, is that everyone will have an enjoyable, safe, and relaxing stay while they are here, and that they will return again at some time in the future.

    Many thanks for your comments, and I wish you and your family all the very best for your futures, and do hope to see you here in New Zealand some time soon.

    Kind regards,
    Caruana Premium
    Good post Stanley. People want to travel but as you say borders are closed and many countries in Asia and North & South America are still at the peak of Covid-19. I have a physical travel agency and just put it on PAUSE mode for the summer. My clients are asking to travel in October.
    Lets think positive and see what happens next. Marisa
    Stanleycmng Premium
    That is great. Time to create local experiences as that will be how travel industry will survive while the borders reopen.
    enriquetrips Premium
    I'm in the travel niche. I've been working on my site since October of last year. My traffic wasn't great, but during this pandemic, it's been negligible. I've been trying to keep apace with it by changing my focus, but it's all been in vain. I hope to figure something out.
    Sha82 Premium
    It sounds like you’re being innovative and sometimes this is all you need. NOTHING is in vain!

    enriquetrips Premium
    I hope so. Thanks!
    Stanleycmng Premium
    Many have the same experience. Be creative. Many local business also need to survive. Start with them. See how you can promote local travel.