What I Learn About Creating Awesome Call To Actions (CTA)?

Last Update: Nov 9, 2019

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Creating more effective CTAs or Call To Actions was one of my objectives to improving my website.

While I was planning, I got to know Jay, AKA @Magistudios was planning a webinar on...

How to Create Awesome Call to Actions on Your Site.

My first call to action as to register for the webinar.

If you are not aware of webinars, it is available in the "Live Event" menu on the left. See the Red Box below.

Today is the day and I attended the webinar.

Started off with a cup of coffee because it is 9AM here.

So, here it is what I learned about CTAs.

The primary objective of CTAs is to...

Get Attention, Drive Traffic

Therefore in order to achieve that, we need to ensure relevance in all CTAs.

Consistency and alignment is critical to ensuring relevance. This means your CTA needs to be aligned to your article.

As an example, do not have an "orange call to action" when your article is about "apples."

Make Sure CTAs Are Relevant To The Article

What is a bad CTA?

A common mistake for CTAs is a "Click Here' button.

We want the audience to click but do not provide much information.

The lack of information will create the feeling of uncertainty and the reader will likely not take any action.

What is going through the reader's mind are as follows;

  • What happens when I click?
  • Where am I going?
  • What is on the other side?

To overcome that, we need to...

Use Passive Phrases That Converts

This is the magic and art of writing awesome CTAs.

The way to use passive phrases are to;

  • Tell a story
  • Relate your personal experience.
  • Use words of emphasis (save a ton of time, best $25 I spent)

Avoid selling because people do not like to be sold to but love stories. You are relating your experience with your audience.

It is more effective to use the first person experience to do this, such as I or me.

People take action (the CTA) by following what you did. The CTA can be "silent."

Where To Put Your CTAs

The best place to put CTAs are:

  • Naturally at the bottom of your article
  • At the middle with strong relevance

Do not put the CTAs at the top of your article. It will look like you are "pushing for sales" and very bad for SEO.

Your audience will click and the time spend on page will be very short and Google interprets that as poor content with the assumption that people are not reading the article.

Watch Jay Build A One Page Website

Jay create an article with the CTA and provided us with a live demo of setting up a one-page website. You will see...

  • One page WordPress website setup by Jay
  • Write the article with the CTA

Watch the recording of this webinar to learn more.

If you did not join the live webinar and are interested in CTAs, watch the recording. The bonus one-page web setup was quick and fun too.

Thanks to Jay for the session and all who joined, had fun with the chats that I had trouble keeping up.

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      Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!
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