What about your domain name?

Last Update: May 24, 2020

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If you are new to domain names, you will always have questions...

  • What is a good name?
  • Why is the name I want not available?
  • Do I choose a Keyword name or short brand name?
  • How do you value a domain?

I am sure there are many more questions.

A good place to find some answers are to look at what is happening in the market.

Let's look at Flippa, a market place for selling and buying of domain names and websites.

You can then compare and contrast your domain name (and websites too) with those being marketed and sold.

Domains Flippa likes:

Domains marketable:

Domains people paid money for:

There are only three outcomes after you compare and contrast your domain with Flippa's lists,

  • You are excited and happy with your domain
  • You regret buying that domain name
  • You are confused

Whatever the guidelines or recommendations you follow on domain names is good practice.

However, the market is based on demand (willing buyers) and supply (willing sellers). So, the factors are not so certain as to why one domain is worth more than another.

Sometimes, the reasons for paying big money on domain have nothing to do with recommended practice. However, a short and easy to remember name with high affinity with a targeted niche is always a factor.

Other factors are luck, being in the right place at the right time when some guys with money to spend just fell in love with your domain name and must have it. Then it is time to close your big deal.

Whatever it is, ???? I hope you are happy with your domain.

Wish you a great weekend!

Recent Comments


Thank you for your informative and interesting blog post-Stanley.

I actually have quite a few domains which are not all in use! Sometimes I think of a great name and purchase the domain, only to let it go a few years later! However, sometimes I keep them!

I normally purchase a.com unless it is for a local business and then I purchase a.co.uk.

Wishing you all the best.


Try selling them, esp if they are good.

I hear you Stanley, although, at the moment I have plans for my domain names for the future. However, selling or flipping a domain is a great thing to potentially do. I believe that the person who owned FB.com was paid 7 million by Facebook for that particular domain!

Have a great day.


Fb.com is an excellent domain. Great that you have plans for you domains, putting it to use is the main purpose.

I hear you, Stanley.

Have a great day.


It is true that a domain name can bring us quite a bit of money. I almost sold one of my domain names, but since I was not sure I wanted to give it up, I preferred to renew my domain name. However it is true that if we are not happy with our domain name, it is not lost for everyone.
There is no small profit!


That is right, Ingrid,

Great post Stanley. I have two domains I like and then several I was planning on letting expire. I’ll look into selling them. But how long has to be on them otherwise why would someone not just wait for them to expire if they see I’m trying to sell them?

It depends on demand since people wait for domains to expire and then pick them up. I am one of them... Ha! Ha!

Ha ha! 🙄🤣 you can buy mine Stanley 🤣🤣🤣

Domain Names:

Love them!

I have bought awful names, risky names, niche specific and broad term names.
It depends on one simple factor;
Are you looking to build a brand or just a niche site.
A brand is for example: Apple
A niche site: Dog Training For Beginners

If you have made a mistake and don't like what you have bought, simple re-sell it, but hey wait a minute.
Build a simple website and sell that with it, you will make more money.
Run it for 6 months.
Plenty of people will pay, it may only be $150 but that's way better than nothing because you have had to let it expire!

Thanks. I will try that

Excellent suggestion, Neil. Selling it with the website means there is an asset on the real estate and should be worth more.

You also need to be careful when choosing your name as there are folks out there that are just waiting to snatch them. I chose the name i wanted after doing some research but put off buying it for a couple of days.
When I went to buy it someone had snapped it up and was trying to sell it back to me for stupid money. It was a personal brand name and not something that someone else would want to use.
I ended up going with something else that I don't love as much.
So just beware, if you find something you love don't delay. There are watchers out there ready to snatch up what you're searching for.

There are squatters sitting on excellent domain names waiting for an offer, and also some who are waiting for domains to expire to grab them. If what you want is available, grab it.

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