Thank you and Thankful

Last Update: Nov 27, 2021

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What do you do if you have been away from something you were working on and circumstances take you away...

This is my journey at WA. Started out furiously learning about this business and practicing blogging. Then the pandemic hit my existing business badly and health concerns took me away from my journey in WA.

I was coming back quietly reading Kyle's message and browsing on WA, including the Black Friday deals and also this "plus" subscription since I am already on "premium."

Then I noticed, Keisha's month old message for me and replied her. In true Keisha way, she did not waste anytime welcoming me back with a blog post.

That was a pleasant surprise...

Thank you Keisha, and everyone who gave me a warm welcome back.

Truely something to be thankful for at this time of the year.

I am thankful for a successful surgery which I am still recovering from.

I am thankful for concluding my existing business and settling 95% of my financial obligations so I can move forward.

I am thankful that there are other opportunities to pursue.

I am thankful for my friendships forged in WA and more blogs than I have time to read and training I have capacity to absorb.

I am thankful for my family for their support and love.

Thanksgiving also demonstrates humility and gratitude.

This seed that we plant at WA is about the "hope" that we have for ourselves. It needs to be watered and nourished to grow into a big and strong tree.

My wish for all who come to WA for knowledge and platform to start an online business, you get much more in return not just by receiving but giving as well.

"Happy Thanksgiving"


Recent Comments


Welcome back, Stanley!!


Thanks, Rudy.

You're welcome!


Welcome Stanley! I'm glad you made it back. Wishing you all the best!

Thanks, James. Wish you a great weekend.

Welcome back Stanley
You were missed
Now you're back with a renewed focus and sense of direction
As long as you continue to remain consistent and focused
You will reap the benefits of your hard work

Thanks Simone for your well wishes. Appreciate it.

You're welcome

I don't know you but I'm glad that you are recovering from your surgery and it's good to meet you here. I've been browsing your website and put in my email for the 1600 niche ideas, which I just skimmed briefly. That's a lot of information for brainstorming.
Thank you!

Hope the niche ideas help you find a niche that is truely you.

Hello Stanley,
Welcome back my friend it is great to have you among us again. I have thought of you often over this past year.
Have a blessed Weekend.
Lisa :-)

Thanks Lisa. Appreciate your comments. Wish you a blessed weekend too.

You are very welcome Stanley :-)

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