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May 05, 2020
Now that all of us have experience working from home for a sustained period with the locked down or stay home measures, do you agree with the following statements.1. Working from home is easier than working in an office?You find it easier and more productiveThere are more distractions at home You find the team element a challenge working from home2. You have the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Is this assumption really true?Do you still need to follow a schedule?Working hour
May 02, 2020
When I applied for affiliate programs, one of the reasons for rejection has to do with, "Is your site risky?"The rejection message will state the following:The website(s) provided is flagged for suspicious behavior by one or more major spyware/malware detectorsThis means that they did a scan and the website did not pass the test.One of the source for failing this test is plug-ins.While plug-ins are necessary for enhanced functionality of each WordPress website but the more plugins we add, the r
May 02, 2020
I got rejected! Yes, my final affiliate application got rejected.No, I am not upset since I have appliance programs approved to proceed to build income streams for my niche.So, time to move forward with those that approve me as an affiliate.I learn that merchants have mastered the art of rejection by telling you many reasons' why you were rejected except the ACTUAL reason.For that, you have to "go figure it out" yourself.For those affiliate applications that was rejected, here are the reasons'
WA Hooooo... I got 9 approved, 2 rejected and 1 pending for my Share A Sale affiliate application this week. 9/12 or 75% Success RateAdded 9 eggs to my basket!Now, taking the next step forward to write organize my site content strategy around these 12 products, including existing affiliate products, I was promoting.Some of you may be asking... Isn't 12 too many?You may be thinking... shouldn't I keep things simple?Yes, I am still keeping things simple from the point of effort but I added variet
So, about 24 hours after my affiliate application to merchants on Share-A-Sale, I have gotten the following results.7 Approved 3 Pending 2 RejectedI submitted 10 application yesterday, and they rejected the first 2. So, I added 2 more application after getting some approved today.7 out of 12 gives me a 58.33% success rate which is higher than the 50% I set for myself.More important is I now have 7 products to promote besides the 2 I am promoting. The immediate goal is 10 products for me to buil
April 27, 2020
My dance in the rain was to look for affiliate merchants with programs I can promote in my niche.My strategies are:Look for complementary productsApply to more than one merchant for same product type/categoryHave some experience with the product and/or company I identified 10 companies on Share A Sale. I was approved as an affiliate a couple of months ago.Guess what?The company that rejected me was a company I worked for 20 years ago and I know the product, including the manufacturing process.T
April 26, 2020
Woke up to a rainy Monday today. Looks like the rain will be around for a little longer even after a little sunshine yesterday evening.The rain is heavier and visibility worse than yesterday.I know, we are locked at home anyway. Maybe some rain will do us good.Cooler weather for sure.I like to share the following anonymous quote with you.Everybody want happiness,Nobody wants pain,But you can't have a rainbowWithout a little rain.Today, I will be taking Vivian Greene's advice and do my little da
April 26, 2020
Dark clouds and rainToday, the skies turn really dark at about 2PM, then it rained. I looked out and the dark clouds cover the sky.This made me reflect on what we are experiencing right now. Our dark clouds and rain are:The Covid-19 crisis affecting our livesJob losses and business uncertainty affecting someAmazon dropping a bombshell on commissions for affiliatesNo idea when this crisis will endHowever dark the clouds or heavy the rain...The clouds will go away and the rain will soon stop.Lind
April 24, 2020
I was looking up Power Words and came across "Greed" words which are used by many marketers.Why greed words?Greed is the human behavior to want more than we need. These power words are used to trigger the emotion of wanting more by playing on scarcity or being afraid to lose out. The expected result is to make something appear more valuable and buy now mindset.Sure, if one do not deliver the promises then the issue of ethics arises.Let's just focus on the following words and see if these are po
April 23, 2020
Is your blog strong and powerful that it triggers a response from your readers?Our objective is to write and influence our readers so that we get some psychological or emotional response from them.World class copywriters use “power words” that are so persuasive that people simply can’t resist being influenced by them!To be honest, I am learning about "power words" to try to take my writing to the next level but struggling with it.Statistics show that using power words alone wi