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June 10, 2020
In any business, once you get started, there is a tendency to do more.There Is So Much To DoHere, in WA, more meansWrite more contentDo more marketingAdd more social media channelsIncrease affiliate programsIf we are not careful, we may collapse under the weigh of this business. One reason people quit the business.One Step At A TimeIt is best to ask yourself what is the ONE goal you need to achieve now.Is it to complete the training?Is it to build your website so all the basics are completed?Is
Moon-Gazing from HomeMy daughter caught the above picture of the moon on Sunday.So, I was curious and found out that this was due to the strawberry moon eclipse on June 5.If you live in the northern hemisphere, June is all about the Moon. For starters, the nights never get shorter. The “summer” solstice will occur on June 20, 2020 - this means that would be the longest day, and shortest night, of the year.It takes the Moon 29.5 days to complete one orbit around the Earth. During tha
June 05, 2020
Amazon saw an opportunity in this crisis and decided to keep the profits to themselves rather than share with their channels, which are affiliates.Cannot Miss Opportunity in a CrisisSince mid-March, when all this COVID-19 situation started, Amazon’s stocks grew from $1,676 to $2,442!That is 46% growth in 2 and half months - in the middle of a major health and financial crisis!Of course, you can blame Jeff Bezos but just like Wall Street bankers, senior executives in Amazon could not resis
May 31, 2020
If there is one phrase, I would sum up Covid-19 locked down or stay home experience. At least from my perspective, it is...Like a bird in a cageWe can eatWe work on business onlineWe engage using Zoom or whatever meeting platforms We attend e-learning, webinars and virtual classesTechnology enables us to do much from home. However, after doing all that. I still feel...Like a bird in a cageIf you have the means, your experience will be more luxurious.You have a bigger place and can do moreYou ca
If you are new at WA, the big elephant in the room is, can I make money building websites?Some may also be skeptical of members here talking about following the training and building your website. After all, there is an affiliate program to promote WA and make money from subscribers.The reality is members at WA have different niches and that is the beauty of this business. You don't have to promote the same product and your passion, interest and creativity can be part of your niche.I have been
This week marks my one year at Wealthy Affiliate since joining as a Starter member.I wasn't planning on blogging as I have to deliver 10 days of Zoom virtual training.However, the following message popped up on my screen so I can't ignore it.I click on the share with the community to share my one year anniversary and the yo-yo ambassador.Yes, I made ambassador... then dropped out.Then ambassador again... then dropped out.And now again... like a yo-yo.🤣The only thing to work on is my bus
I made some changes to my website. I am still working on more content, but I have some affiliates setup and also some downloads added.I have also updated my "About me" page.Have you updated your "About You" page lately?Maybe it is time to do so.Some of you have asked for my Pinterest site. I have added that to my WA profile. I have also updated my WA profile. Visit my profile and you can follow me there.Thank you and wish you a glorious week ahead.
If you are new to domain names, you will always have questions...What is a good name?Why is the name I want not available?Do I choose a Keyword name or short brand name?How do you value a domain?I am sure there are many more questions.A good place to find some answers are to look at what is happening in the market.Let's look at Flippa, a market place for selling and buying of domain names and websites.You can then compare and contrast your domain name (and websites too) with those being markete
Hello all,I banned my way to the top 10 posts of the day for post 199. Yes, that makes this...Blog post 200 at WATo all my friends who liked and took part in the discussion and comments.You made this happen, Thank You!No where near what some top post is getting, but this post got 109 Likes and 184 comments.Sure, there are many who post more and faster. When I started almost a year ago with a starter account, there was no plan, let alone 200 blog post. This is Post 200 at WA, Thank YOU for readi
May 21, 2020
I recently posted a blog about my Pinterest ad that was disapproved. I received a lot of great replies. To all that participated in the discussion.THANK YOU 🙏🏼The reason why I asked that question was to understand better from those who have gone before me so I don't do the wrong things and get...BANNED!Yes, in this digital age, some of us are developing fear of receiving the following suspension message from social media platforms.Collating the feedback from my blog post and a l