Phew… Payment Problems almost killed my upgrade!

Last Update: Nov 29, 2021

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I decided to upgrade to Premium Plus and was quite excited.

Then my payment was rejected.

I tried again... and again it was rejected.

This was Sunday so I did not want to bother anyone and tried again. This time with a different card.

It was rejected again.

Now I have no choice but to call the bank.

Bank says card is fine and the was a data error, so I tried again.

No luck and payment was rejected so I tried PayPal.

Again, PayPal rejected the payment and I check to ensure all data is updated by now I was almost giving up this upgrade.

My mind started wondering that maybe this upgrade was not for me. I could just forget about it.

This morning I called PayPal and they gave me assurance my account was in good standing. I called the bank and again there should not be an issue.

I was wondering if my "cache" was the culprit in the data errors.

Finally at lunch time, I tried with PayPal one more time...

Phew... no yay, no yahoooo but just phew... a sigh of relieve.

I message Kyle and Joo (my sponsor) for help but this being over a long weekend and I wasn't sure how they could solve my payment problem 1/2 way around the world. So, I tried and finally the payment went through.

Now I have committed to Premium Plus and on my way to doing as much as I can to succeed online.

I am suppose to share my excitement about upgrading.

How exciting am I?

The payment problems killed all excitement.

So, I will leave that for another day.

But, I am relieved I upgraded before the offer ends.

Now, I am going to take a break.

- Stanley

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Hi Stanley,

Being persistent is a critical characteristic in any business. This was a test for you to prove that you had what it takes. Looks like you passed the test. Yay!

I will be upgrading tomorrow. And I will be using PayPal. I already checked to see that my credit is good. however if I experience what you had to go through, I will learn from you and never give up.



Hi Edwin. Great to hear from you. I wish you a trouble free transaction.

Thanks Stanley!


Good to have you back Stanley,
Welcome home 🎶🎶🎵

Thanks for the welcome, Cordelia.

Glad it all went through ok Stanley. Jim

Thanks, Jim. Great to hear from you.

I actually experienced something similar when I attempted to upgrade with PayPal. Eventually I ended up using a credit card. But maybe PayPal had an issue over the weekend.


Just speculating, could be increased security with the shopping season.

Well done, Stanley! It shows your commitmemt. Business will be like that with roadblocks thrown up at times.

My referral had a lot of challenges with Paypal and with Kyle & Carson's help we found a way.



You are right… the will be speed bumps and pot holes too!

Sad, but true Stanley! :-)


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