Like a bird in a cage

Last Update: May 31, 2020

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If there is one phrase, I would sum up Covid-19 locked down or stay home experience. At least from my perspective, it is...

Like a bird in a cage

  • We can eat
  • We work on business online
  • We engage using Zoom or whatever meeting platforms
  • We attend e-learning, webinars and virtual classes

Technology enables us to do much from home. However, after doing all that. I still feel...

Like a bird in a cage

If you have the means, your experience will be more luxurious.

  • You have a bigger place and can do more
  • You can experience watching in a home cinema
  • You can swim in a pool or keep fit in a home gym
  • You may have lots of food and things to do

You still cannot meet with other people. You feel...

Like a bird in a gilded cage

How are you feeling, my friend?

We all love that we can work at home,

However, you can't visit, eat out, engage, meet up and with social distancing and more, it would be a different world opening up to us.

Share you experience with us as we move forward to this more constrained and limiting lifestyle ahead.

    Recent Comments


    On days when it is stormy and dark, cooped up in the house. It can be depressing. Even on the nicer days when the sun is out, we can still feel like "prisoners"... I saw a t-shirt today though that made me laugh. "Live like someone left the gate open!" it was a picture of a dog running out of the gate. I thought it was cute and wanted to share.

    Great point, Lisa. I am sure many feel the same. T-Shirt messages has a way of bringing 😊 to us.

    Hi Stanley
    I hadn’t been feeling like a bird in a cage but more like a bird with clipped wings.
    In the first phase of the lockdown, we were not allowed to drive. So I would walk long distances to get home supplies. Tiring but great workout.
    Now I’m able to drive and take my kids to eat out while still observing social distancing.
    I hope things get better for everyone...

    Yes, hope the situation improves for all.

    Hello Stanley,

    A very touching post. I had the same feeling as you, but for me now the cage has opened. Here in Tenerife, we are in fase 2, and we can enjoy going out, going to the beach and at the restaurants.

    But in the previous mounths, I felt like I was in a cage. I am an active person, and I love to live my life offline and outdoor, not online and indoor.

    So, I am happy that I can taste my life again. It is what I want for you and the rest of the world as soon as possible.

    Kind Regards.

    That is great. We just opened up today but still cannot dine in and retail is still closed. Only businesses and schools are opened with social distancing measure and other precautions. It will take another 2 weeks before the next phase or opening up is implemented.

    Hello Stanley,

    I send greetings from Bangkok.

    Living in a cage will soon pass, although it may take time & life will not be as it was prior to COVID 19.

    I engage with ZOOM & attend Rotary meetings in my former club in Sydney & others, not possible without this program.

    My cage just got very big & is more like an aviary.


    A great way to look at it, Denis.

    Thank you for your post Stanley. It is hard not to be able to go to favorite places. Some of local restaurants have opened up this weekend. Most of the stores are open. So it is not so bad here. But everyone has to wear face mask. Hope it will get better also where you live. I think places and countries where humidity is high will experience some molds because of being closed for a long time. Stay safe and well.


    Glad things are opening up. We are lifting the our version of lockdown today but in phases. Restaurants still cannot dine in, only takeaway and retail is still close. You can only go to work and then go home. Maybe another two weeks... we can do more.

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