Lightbulb Moments

Last Update: July 03, 2020

Whatever your niche is, have you ever had that light bulb moment? 💡

I am sure some of you have, maybe more than once.

💡 🧐 💡 🙄 💡 🤩

Let me share a niche that fits into any niche, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.

You can call it a niche or method... but you often get that light bulb moment feeling when you discover...


Everyone is looking for a simpler way to get things done... whatever the niche!

I am sure many had a light bulb moment...


  • they found a short cut
  • an easier way to get things done
  • are able to get the same or better results using a different method
  • discover an alternative solution

You can turn this light bulb moment into...

Competitive Advantage

Yes, simplicity can be a competitive advantage for your niche.

You can,

  • Write blogs about it and make yourself an authority
  • Brand it
  • Create a training
  • Create a product

Of course, you don't need to stop there. You can protect it with the relevant intellectual property methods like copyright, trademarks or patents.

Don't dismiss that light bulb moment.

It may take work but it could be a significant discovery.

Wish all a wonderful weekend and my American friends, Happy Independence Day!

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ChigsGohel Premium
Thanks for this post Stanley 😊👍🏼
I tend to get my lightbulb moments when I am sleeping. Good thing I keep my both phones next to as I tend to wake up and wrtie my ideas down! 😉✌🏼
Stanleycmng Premium
Ha! Ha! There’s creativity in sleep 😴
ChigsGohel Premium
Oh yes indeed Stanley 😊
CMacLellan Premium Plus
Hi Stanley,
Another enjoyable and informative article - Thank You.
Have you been hiding or have I just missed your blogs?
Have a Great Day!
Stanleycmng Premium
I did take a break from blogging for a short while. Too much online time with virtual training business until my eyes start watering looking at the monitor. Thanks for reading, Chuck.
Tmgreen Premium Plus
So true Stanley. If you can show someone how to get something done faster, cheaper, or easier, you've got something. It's a commodity that will always bring you an income.

Thanks for sharing!

Stay well,

Stanleycmng Premium
Appreciate your validation, Michael.
Isaiah14 Premium
Thanks Stanley! I'm having another lightbulb moment by reading this inspiring post 👍

Isaiah 😊
Stanleycmng Premium
Awesome, Isaiah. Glad to contribute to you lightbulb moments.