Is Tuesday The Best Day Of The Week For You?

Last Update: Nov 12, 2019

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Here we are Tuesday and how do you feel today?

Tuesday Is The Safest Day To Drive

According to the Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Fatal crashes are least likely to happen on a Tuesday.

How about you?

Do you do the safest activity on Tuesday? Something you are sure to accomplish so it gets you going for the rest of the week.

Maybe we should not take on a high risk activity which failure would then sets a negative tone for the week.

It Is The Most Productive Day Of The Week

AccounTemps quoted 39% of HR managers say employees get more done on Tuesdays.

What does this mean?

Should we schedule more tasks so we get more done on Tuesday? Great to know when we would accomplish more so we get more done.

What about you? If not Tuesday, which is your most productive day of the week?

You Are Most Likely To Get A Job

Are you looking for a job?

If so, are you scheduling your interviews on a Tuesday?

Smart Recruiters say Tuesday is the day most people send job applications and get hired.

You are building your business here at WA. That is great. However, some or us have to still get an income from a job while we are building our business. Going for an interview on a Tuesday makes sense if it increases your chances of getting hired.

If you are in the Job or Recruitment niche, this data may be something to think about.

Best Day To Schedule Meetings

YouCanBookMe says Tuesdays at 2.30pm is the most common time people are free.

Do you need to schedule a meeting? Now you know when...

I am looking at this thinking most people are productive because they are working and not scheduling meetings. If many start to schedule meetings, then it may not be the more productive day anymore.

It make perfect sense for these two facts to be true but they are interrelated.

What about your experience?

Best Day To Call Find A Gym Buddy

Need exercise but no one to go with?

Good news...

Classpass says Tuesday is the most popular day of the week for exercise classes.

Do you experience your gym being most crowded on Tuesdays?

If you want to avoid people, this may not be the day for you but if you hate working out alone, finding an exercise buddy today seem to be the easiest.

Are you in the exercise niche? Does this info have any value?

You Can Save Money

According to Hopper, the best deals on flights are available on midnight on Tuesdays.

Traveling for the holidays?

Booking a business trip?

As business owners, you want to stretch your dollar, so make sense to book when prices are lowest. The flight is the same, so saving makes sense.

Plan ahead and save money booking your flight on Tuesday's after midnight.

Travel nichers at WA, you can check this out and write about it. Everyone is interest to save money traveling.

What Is Tuesday Best For You?

Yes, share with us. Maybe we will learn something new about Tuesday just like the facts above.

We can also adjust to make our niche more effective.

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Stanley, I've got a great idea, maybe we should all work only on Tuesday! LOL!


Awesome idea. I second that! Now we are practicing the 20/80 pareto principle.

You know I had never really thought about it before but now I do, I do always feel really motivated of a Tuesday, this morning I was up super early walking the dogs and have been working on my business all morning, only just noticed its almost lunchtime here,

anyway, have a great Tuesday :)

Guess now you know... have a great week.

Great and motivational post Stanley. Tuesday is my day!

Awesome, Joe. Wish you a great Tuesday!

You too Stanley.

Funny thing statistics, I love reading the outcomes as sometimes they make no rhyme nor reason. I have read that 11am on a Tuesday is the time employees feel most depressed, perhaps weekend is now behind us and a very long way ahead, but why 11 am ?

Thank you for taking the time to collate the information and share with us I really liked the post and enjoyed reading

You are right, Cordelia. It is chaos put in to order. 11am is interesting... maybe is it the time one realize they got work to catch up?

I agree, flights always seem to be cheaper on Tuesday and Wednesday. Those are normally my travel days.

That seems to be the trend...

Great post ... I never knew some of that

We are all learning... Thanks for coming by, Tim.

I think Monday and Friday is the starting and ending of the week so is always busy and come I Tue wed and Thu is better. 👍👌💪😁

That seems like it. Even though we work 5 days. The mind works half days on Monday and Friday. Ha! Ha!

True true😁👍

Super post. Loved the bit about cheap flights, I will keep that in mind. A love Tuesday afternoon for a professional massage, umm spoilt.

Lily 😂

Great suggestion. Spoiling yourself on a Tuesday is great for the soul!

I was completely unaware of all these facts. I feel quite educated now, and it's only Monday, well ... for another 12 minutes. lol

Ha! Ha! Early start to your Tuesday...

You are so inspirational I almost LOL with respect. Jeffrey

Laughing with you, Jeff. 🤪

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