Is Blogging Dead?

Last Update: Dec 12, 2021

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We are approaching the end of 2021.

Today, we have social media, stories (as in Instagram), shorts (as in Tik Tok), YouTube, messaging (as in WhatsApp) and more...

... and the traffic to your blogs are not encouraging.

Your mind start to ask these questions...

Is blogging dead?


Is it relevant in 2021?


Will it matter in 2022?

These are the questions we will need answers to if we are going to commit our time and effort to building our blog sites.

Kyle shared his experience in a training and you can go watch it if you have not.

Keisha even wrote a blog post on it.

The fact that you are reading this partially answers the question but that may not be enough since you paid the WA subscription and want to maximize your returns.

I did some digging...

and guess what?

According to Neil Schaffer (yes he's is a blogger),

Blogging is absolutely still relevant in 2022.

In fact, roughly 409 million internet users read about 20 billion blog pages monthly. ...

Furthermore, blogging continues to flourish with a 12% increase in the last 5 years.

... and after more digging, discovered the following.

  • As much as 50% of our brains are wired to receive visual inputs
  • It takes us about 1/10th of a second to understand visual input
  • 250 millisecond to process a symbol and attach a meaning to it

Now, you are thinking...

Stanley, have you gone nuts? You are contradicting yourself.

Take a deep breadth, and read the next fact.

"The brain processes video 60,000 faster than text."

Now, you want to give up and go do a YouTube video, because you are convinced, I am crazy.

Times have changed, and blogging needs to be improved to increase it's effectiveness.

You blogs need to use text, images and video to be engaging.

Words are useful for many things, such as

  • Showcasing experience and expertise
  • Comparison and evaluation of products
  • Testimonials

Images can help,

  • Attract attention and interest
  • Presenting complex data and ideas
  • Creating memorable content

and video is effective for,

  • Showing how to do something
  • Sharing personal stories
  • Forming an emotional connection with the viewer

I agree with Neil and Kyle, blogging is still relevant in 2022.

However, we need more than just words to be effective and engaging.

So, add images and videos to your blogs and make it a memorable experience for your readers.

So, is blogging dead?

or am I nuts?

Recent Comments


There is no doubt that social media platforms are taking a chunk out of regular blogging, friend. This is due to the younger audience.
But I don't think that blogging is dead at all. Besides watching videos on social media platforms, some people are still blogging on them there and add links to read more on their websites.

People are now finding ways to use a video on social media platforms to link their blogs. This is an effective way to bring traffic to their websites. Blogging is here to stay for a while.
Thanks for sharing. All the best!

Good points raised. Thanks for sharing.

I post recipes and articles using images and (more recently) videos. My sister-in-law makes cooking videos and I will convert those into a written recipe and post it with the video. I also post a recipe with a video of my grandchildren making it. This has proven to be very successful because different people take in information differently!

Recipe is a good niche where you can benefit from the use of all three medium.

Good point--the better our blogs look, the more apt people are to read them. I like including videos and lots of images with my posts.

Think of them as tools to effectively communicate our messages.

yes, 'the medium is the message' - Marshall McLuhan -- he was well before his time.

Blogging is definitely not dead, but of course, visuals are more powerful.

Thank for engaging. Visuals does help in many situations.

I think all ways to communicate your message are important.
People have difference learning styles.
I like to read first, and then I can decide whether I want to listen to a broadcast. When home, I prefer reading.
While driving I like videos for concentrated listening.
No! Blogging is not dead!
Thanks for the insights, Stanley!

You are right that we all communicate differently and also use different medium in different circumstances.

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