Can We ALL 10X Our Income?

Last Update: Oct 24, 2019

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I was reading a special report on how you can 10X your returns on investment on the internet.

Some of you must be thinking...

Are you sure? The internet?

Thought that is passé, why isn't it bitcoin?

Imagine This...

A busy mom fills out her shopping list using a retailer’s phone app.

Then she enter her local store. As she walks in, her device immediately serves up a coupon for the in-store Starbucks.

After her coffee, she walk to the shopping aisles. Her device now shows her a GPS-type indoor store map, customized for her purchase list.

There's no need to look for anything.

She follows the arrows on her screen — and fills her cart in the quickest, most efficient way possible.

Finally, she walks through an exit lane. When she reaches the end. A digital signage shows, "$123.45 paid using your Visa card, Thank you for shopping with us."

Welcome To The Hypernet

You just witness the Hypernet in action. A pervasive internet.

The store uses special LED lights that powers sensors and connected systems using "LiFi" short for light fidelity, data communications using flickering in light.

This technology links many things together and we call it the Internet of Things (IoT).

However, the term Hypernet is not so common.

Another jargon, I guess.

The Big Question?

Conceptually, we are trying to link everything together and create value.

This set me thinking...

Is there a WA Hypernet?

How can we create value for all?

Can we link all the websites in WA to form a Hypernet? Essentially driving traffic for each other like back links?

I have no issue to create a post on my website to link to 10 other WA member blog post so we leverage traffic to each other.

If we collectively increase traffic 10X, will our income go up 10X?

Will it work?

What if we are promoting same products?

Is this a conflict of interest?


I don't know and I don't have the answer.

Just sharing my Hyper Thoughts!

Let me know what you think below.

Appreciate your comments.



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The big box stores are already moving to get rid of cashiers, and soon it will do away with stockers always. Can you imagine a store you go into and browse a kiosk and pick the item, and down the conveyor, it comes for you to pick up outside already paid.

Actually we started doing this somewhat years ago, but we had to come back to pick up the item or had it shipped to our door.
Kohls and many others did this.
I guess Amazon by then was getting ready 20 years ago to move from books and a few items to now where we actually do go and pick up items from Amazon at Whole Foods or at our house in 24 hrs.
We are now in a great spot with affiliate marketing and tech will continue to be better each day.
Good post.

What is happening is when you shop online, you do not see all that “operation?” You online buy and receive.

So, physical stores are now perceive as inefficient, unfriendly and high cost. Kyle did share his experience in a recent blog.

Therefore, the tech is turning around to enable the retail experience to be like online with the exception of physical shopping experience.

The best ideas come from those in the hunt ... great when someone thinks a bit out of the box ... but you know big retail is using it successfully in a lot of cases ....

Necessity is the mother of invention...

Awesome idea Stanley, worth further investigation methinks.

Putting our thinking hats on...

Stanley, I have used the links with another WA member. It does work, but I think we have to be careful. Technology is advancing at such a rapid rate, it is unbelievable.

Agree that tech is rapidly changing the way we work and live.

If you are interested, I am very interested in following up on this method and concept.

I am already working on a URL rotator method, however the challenge is getting the participants to participate.

Most people are afraid to death of competition, thinking that it is going to distract from their personal agenda.

The reality is there are over 3 billion Internet users on the planet.

In my opinion, it is not back links that drive traffic. The reason being, is if you are on a low traffic website, very few people are seeing it. So, it would not be fair and equally distributed.

Another way is, strategically sharing on social media platforms.

If you were interested in collaborating synergistically and strategically, let’s connect and have a video conversation about how it is actually done correctly.


Great idea, Brad. I will PM you.

Baklink sharing is not a new concept but having a community where we can easily connect and share their backlinks is very good idea. For this we can make a platform in WA like feedback sharing. And some rules we can define like minimum qualification to participate.

Even we can enhance this idea by sharing comments on each other website. There also we can share our website link.

Agree backlinks are not new. Just an example because there is no other way to connect independent sites today except links. Hence, the article about new ways to inter-connect.

I appreciate your idea✌😊

What a clever idea Stanley. I would enjoy that if my niche was suitable. I don't think anyone would get enough reciprocal traffic from such a new site. Maybe people could join up when they had say 500 visits a day?

Food for thought.
Great share

Lily 😊

You are right, Lily. It has to make sense.

New idea. Could be possible. Inventions are products of new ideas thought before as impossible. Who knows, our founders may be inspired of it and later put WA to much greater heights. Cheers!

Good to keep creative juices flowing, Benjamin.

That’s right. Creativity is I believe also a talent. Use it pr lose it.

I like the sound of the idea, (although I sadly don’t yet have much traffic) 😳

Everyone starts somewhere. You only have UP to go, Cordelia.

Hi Stanley. I already do something similar on my website, but only with websites that are of some relevance to my niche. Otherwise Google can see this as spamming. But it certainly would be nice if we could help each other. If only Google was nice. Jim

Thanks for your thoughts...yes, cannot live without big G.

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