Article Spinning, Anyone?

Last Update: July 11, 2020

There were some questions on the use of software article rewriters and article spinners as a short-cut to produce unique content.

This is not a scientific experiment but just two software examples I have tested and you can see the results and decide for yourself, should you go article spinning?

I have nothing against software tools, I will be the first to use them if they are effective.

However, it is difficult to take an article and perform the following:

  • Know the intent of the sentence
  • Understand the context of the sentence relative to the article
  • Get the language and emotional perspective of the author right
  • Check with existing written articles to "spin" a unique version

There are many article rewriters and spinners out there, therefore the quality will vary.

I am sure if you will fork out enough money, you will find better ones than these two I am using.

I just tried 2 random ones and used them to produce the following results.

The best way to look at it is to compare the results with the above 4 points I identify and how much effort you need to edit to get to your "intent." If you need to spend the same time to write the article yourself, then I think article spinning has not achieved the effective levels worthy of my investment.

Let's begin...

Example 1


Just don’t focus on the home page, keywords and titles

Article rewriter/spinner 1:

Simply don’t awareness on the home web page, key phrases and titles.

Article rewriter/spinner 2:

Simply don’t cognizance on the home web page, keywords and titles

Example 2


Understanding Your Target Customer

Article rewriter/spinner 1:

Know-how your target patron

Article rewriter/spinner 2:

Understanding your target purchaser

Example 3


Does your website give enough contact information?

Article rewriter/spinner 1:

Does your website provide sufficient contact statistics?

Article rewriter/spinner 2:

Does your internet site supply sufficient touch statistics?

Example 4


The first step toward getting sales when customers visit your site to view your products is to ensure clear and accurate information. Search engine optimization and better rankings can’t keep your customer on your site or make them buy. You need to engage your customers and align their needs and problems with the benefits of your product. A step-by-step engagement approach of awareness, interest, desire and action will lead to better sales.

Article rewriter/spinner 1:

The first step towards getting income while customers visit your website online to view your products is to make certain clear and correct information. search engine optimization and higher scores can’t maintain your purchaser on your site or make them buy. you need to interact your clients and align their wishes and problems with the blessings of your product. a step-by way of-step engagement technique of cognizance, interest, desire and action will cause better sales.

Article rewriter/spinner 2:

The first step closer to getting sales when clients go to your site to view your products is to ensure clean and correct facts.
Seo and better rankings can’t keep your client on your website or cause them to buy. You want to have interaction your clients and align their wishes and issues with the benefits of your product. A step-by-step engagement approach of awareness, hobby, desire and action will result in higher sales.

So, you have it.

How do the above rewriter or spinner results appear to you?

One thing I can tell you for sure, it may pass the plagiarism checks. However, passing plagiarism checks does not mean it is communicating your intent or message to your audience.

What have I learn?

Writing unique articles is difficult. There are billions of sentences already written and indexed by search engines. The paragraph and context of the articles may be more important when communicating with your audience.

Since rewriters and spinners are doing this to be unique, you may also write like this if you want to be unique for the search engines.

The bigger question is,

Would your audience read it?

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Kyle Premium Plus Featured Comment
Article spinners haven't been a good idea for 10 years. There was a time when these worked, only because Google and other search engines were not all that good at assessing quality content. Their understanding of human rankings and algorithms have become much more sophisticated over the years.

I never recommend "rewriting" content or using article spinners. The idea of this within the SEO world is a thing of the past.
JeannineC Premium
You and I have both seen so many affiliates trying to find shortcuts, thinking they have found a new magic way to not do the work. Google algorithms can identify an article spinner in less than a second. Glad you concur that it's a horrible idea!
Stanleycmng Premium
Thanks, Jeannine.
Stanleycmng Premium
Thanks Kyle for the info that this did work once in the past and your comments that this does not work today.
Wdcope Premium
This is a very interesting post.
I have seen websites and bloggers whose articles make such a mess of the english language that not only does a reader know its rewritten, but the true intent never comes through and you lose the viewer very quickly with no conversions or attention to what was said.
Spinners are just costly gimmicks that will only show lack of sincerity and knowledge on the part of the writer.
Stanleycmng Premium
You have a point. Their selling point is not good writing but “publishing without writing”
Palatia Premium Plus
I have a health niche so I need to get info from experts and doctors. I take their info and put it in my own words and then give them credit as the source of the info. I think that's kind of a manual way of spinning, without really spinning. :p It's like writing a college paper but with my personal spin on it.

I think using a spinner is tempting, but I think you'd still have to tweak it a lot. Might as well just give credit to the authors of other articles.

gurubomber Premium
Articles spinning spun out about a decade ago. The search engines are much more sophisticated and getting better at picking up re spun content every day. There really are no shortcuts. You just need to create QUALITY content. Yes it should be keyword rich but when you are writing quality content the keyword part of it is almost secondary.

Hope this helps!

Rob aka gurubomber
AmazeCPS Premium
Yes, I also do not suggest to use an article spinner for writing articles. CuZ, we also can identify the patterns of the two articles. Why, do we think google algorithm can't be identified that, if you can use a powerful plagiarism checker, that also find out the pattern of the writings.
So, I suggest, another thing is if we think creative content, creative design are more important for the people and readers also like such a way of writing, design etc. not others think your self what kind of content you like.
Thanks for your post.
Stanleycmng Premium
Appreciate your comments, Sam.