Are There Any Secrets In Online Marketing?

Last Update: Nov 5, 2019

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If you are in the make money online niche, you may have come across the term "guru secrets."

There are many "gurus" out there selling you their secret formula or their secret sauce to making $10,000 a month or a 7-figure income.

So, let me ask you the million dollar question...

Are There Any Secrets In Online Marketing?

A very common response I get is, Yes, there are secrets... otherwise how can you make millions?

And if the guru's shares them with you, they will be out of business.

Now, if that response is true, it is like saying the guru's have a goose that lays golden eggs.

If I have a goose that lays golden eggs, then would I sell the goose away?

Of course not!

Then what are the guru's selling to us?

Everything about how to acquire a goose, feed it, take care of it and it will lay eggs for you.

Except your goose lays normal eggs?

What About Wealthy Affiliates?

If you spend time going through the training, learning and engaging here.

You would conclude that this is a pretty transparent community.

You will learn everything about online marketing, affiliate marketing, building websites, writing content and becoming an entrepreneur.

Nothing is held back from you.

The training shows you how to build your business step-by-step.

All of us learn the same way the business is built.

Do Kyle or other successful WA members have a secret we are not aware off?

Do they have a golden goose?

What Do You Think?

Some people seem to think that the key to successful affiliate marketing is knowing "secrets".

I have gone through many training and even attended live coaching with so called "gurus".

I am here to break this news to you...

I have no idea if there are any real "secrets" in online marketing and I doubt there are.

No "gurus" told me any secrets anyway. Maybe they are keeping their golden goose away from me.

However, they have all told me their stories, the work they put in, the mistakes they made and how they overcome adversity to be build a successful online business and live a financially free life.

Using a lot of common sense, putting in hard work, learning fundamental marketing strategies and taking action every day.

As opposed to focusing on fads, tactics, shiny objects, loopholes and gimmicks, which sadly is very common in this industry.

The lack of knowledge may be the "secret" you discover simple from experience, learning and taking action.

So, share with me your views...

Are There Any Secrets In Online Marketing?

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Do the math.

If a guru sells his secret to you and 999 other people from one 1 hour webinar for $395 (before the ticker counts down on this chance of a lifetime opportunity) he just made $395,000 Not even including all the up-sells. And a few "i got you in after the deadline sales"

Not that he doesn't,, but he wouldn't even need to use what he is selling.

But not to worry he will be doing another webinar next week.

John, I thought I replied you but realized I did not. My apologies and thank you for your comments.

Yes, sad to say I contributed to some of these gurus.

Your assessment is on target.

I read an article the other day that those who have not really succeeded as an affiliate marketer are the ones selling their secrets to lure people but actually they find difficulty in the affiliate marketing industry. I don't know how true is this.

Not sure how true that is. More likely they sell whatever they can to anyone desperately looking for quick results.

I think the key word here is putting in the hard work. You need to work at something to get anything out of it. The major benefits I'm finding in WA is the many different views and expertise here. It's been a great time so far and excited to see where it goes!

Put in the effort to get results is universal truth!

Nice tip, thank you for sharing Stanley

Thanks for your feedback.

You're welcome

I don't know if there are any real secrets. The only thing I know is it takes hard work and patience.

You are probably right...

Right to the point. The secret is to take action and stay focus
Great post.

You are right!

Great article with some good information

Thanks for the feedback.

I think the secret is doing the work until you are successful.
All the 'secrets' we need are here for the taking but only a percentage will truly work at it.

Terrific post.
Lily 😊

Yes, the law of average. No everyone who was given land in history work the land to sell their crop. Only a percentage will do the work. Some will not do anything despite being given land while others try to sell it or rent it.

*** LiKe! ... hi Stanley -- thanks! ... :) ***

Hi, thanks for the like, Keisha.

you're most welcome, Stanley! ... keep posting those wonderful, informative blogs of yours! ... all the best, cheerio-o ... ⭐️😊⭐️

There are so called guru's who say there is... Some may have a secret...
All i know is that there 1,000 and 1000 of affiliate marketing programs that are available to use.
So to me that means the sky is the limit...
Love this post by the way...

Yes, the sky is the limit. If you have not gotten it right, does not mean it doesn’t work. Just need to work on it until it is right.

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