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Last Update: March 25, 2013
Today I got an update notice from Amazon regrading changes to their TOS. I assume that everyone who deals with Amazon got that message.

In the section about linking rules it states that all the links I place on my site must have my associate ID in it.

In order to do this you have to choose only one Amazon to deal with and will lose sales from all others.
Also, if the "link localizer" plugin is used then none of the links used are coded from any particular one.

I don't want to invite problems for myself, what is the recommended way to handle this?
Do I need to pick one Amazon and change all my links?

Thanks guys!

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IveTriedThat Premium
I haven't seen this notice myself, but from the details in this blog it sounds like Amazon is trying to combat the free eBook promotions.

Amazon doesn't allow the majority of your sales to come from free Kindle books. So, some associates have been promoting free eBooks still, but leaving their affiliate IDs off of their links. That way, another associate gets stuck with the free eBook download that goes towards their limit. The original associate (without the affiliate ID on the free eBook) won't be penalized and can still use free eBooks as a driving force of traffic, but with none of the risk.

I'd be willing to bet that's what this notice is really about.
Stacydee Premium
Wow, there is so much I still have to learn. Thank you for explaining that! I didn't realize that there was a game on going with the free kindle ebooks. I don't have any of those on my site at all. It sounds like I should be ok to carry on as I have been with physical Amazon products.
bryonbrewer Premium
Well if they visit your site and mouse over your links, the links will display with your ID in. The plugin changes the links before you click, not after, so I'm not sure how they could enforce it.
Stacydee Premium
I like what you are saying, I didn't realize the plugin worked that way.
Hi Stacy, I did Not get the update notice from Amazon. I Hope I get it. I have been working a lot lately with Amazon regarding my links. Some show my ID & some do not, even though they used too! A man from Amazon actually called me Sunday. I missed his call but he's supposed to call me back. Could you share a portion of their notice with us?
Stacydee Premium
Thanks for the help, I wonder why they phoned you? I'll post the links and excerpts in a blog for sure. It didn't seem very personalized to just me, that's why I figured everyone got it. I received one from Amazon in each of the different languages. The info is from Amazon UK.