Wealthy affiliate terms & conditions by kyle or carson?

Wealthy affiliate terms & conditions by kyle or carson?

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WA Affiliate Program

How do members read this .

When you are writing a blog, you will find the rules on it. Then you can click through to read the full rules.

Is this what you want? http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com/terms

It's here http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com/terms

I went looking for this myself the other day. All I found was the info in here.


They are presented at the time you sign up, but these are what many refer to as the 'rules' here at WA. I've read the T&C, but I can't find it at the moment. If I do, I'll come back and post it here.

I would like to do a blog. do I have to add tags?

I would like to do a blog. do I have to add tags?

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Getting Started

I have to add tags .

What are tags . How do I add them to my blog .

My second search on tags relieved this," Meta tags are are HTML codes that are inserted into the header at the top of a web page. These meta tags are used to provide a description of what the website is about and keywords (words that potential site visitors enter into search engines)."
Meta tags are not as important to search engine optimization as they once were, but you should still insert them into your code. One reason is that the description is displayed in search results and often will guide the potential site visitor to your site. Is this OK for now? thank you one and all and glad I could help.

Timothee that was great research .
We both now know what tags are for .
Thanks for your help.

I found this on tags in my search "These meta tags are used to provide a description of what the website is about and keywords (words that potential site visitors enter into search engines). Meta tags are not as important to search engine optimization as they once were, but you should still insert them into your code.Jan 21, 2013"

Thank you Nathaniell training on tags was very good.

Well here I go on the search for tags and find out what they are and what they used for. Thanks for your help on the matter and I get back to you on it.

Digger12. Click the Link great training.

I don't really know what they are for but I have to add two to get them published. I usually add my name and then either click on success post, or help, or gratitude. When I type help or gratitude a number of other related tags come up. I suppose it helps organize your progress in WA but not sure.

Hi kirk . I only put one tag in that was the name of my blog .
Then hit publish and the blog came up .

OK, I'll try that. Thanks for the advice. It will make it much easier from my cellphone.

OK, What are tags? And can anyone explain this so I can understand what they really are for and what they really do?

Hi Timard I got my blog posted.
But like you I still do not understand what they are or used for .
GinaGo has explained for website you need them.

Thanks for your quick response .
I just put my first ever blog up.
I put the name of the blog into the tag box .
Hit publish and it came up .

I am not 100% sure about this Helen but one time somebody told me it was not necessary because the SEO does everything for you.I did not add tags to any of my posts,I would ask this question to someone in the lower ambassador ranks like in the first 10.

Hi Mark. When I clicked on publish . It said I need 2 tags .
I have tried to post before . But it would not let me publish .
Without a tag .

For a blog post you should add a tag or tags. You want to do that for organization as your website grows and I have read tags are another place to put your keywords for SEO. I have come to think of tags as labels in a filing system.

Hi GinaGo .
Is it for websites use only .
Why do we need them here for blogs.

I misunderstood. I read 'blog' and thought 'post' on a website. Sorry if I caused confusion! I guess if you think of WA as a huge website and blogs as posts, it would make sense they want us to use tags.

Thanks for getting back to me. I am not good at this .

I'm not either! I have posted very little on WA. It is intimidating to me. I admire you doing it.

Thanks Gina for your support.

Yes, you need to add two tags to publish a blog. Just click on the Add Tag button, to add a Tag.

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Can you work on your site without it on google.?

Can you work on your site without it on google.?

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Website Development & Programming

I have not finished it. I want to try different I ways of putting my site up.

Hi to let everybody know the Maintance Mode plugin is now deleted.

Hi Kyle .Thanks for responding .
I have put it Maintance mode plugin.
I need to learn a lot.
Great to known when I get stuck I will get lots of help.
Thankyou to everybody that tried to help.

I publish content as I create it. You don't want to "stock up" on content and release it all at once and definitely do not put your website under construction.

As you build your content, publish it when you are happy with it. This way you will get indexed and rankings. A website is ALWAYS a work in progress as the opportunity to scale and grow your website never does end.

Like Claire said, I use the Maintenance Mode plugin. You can customize the page visitors see adding your own words. :)

Hi Kathy
Thank you for responding.
I will try this.

Hi Neilc
Thanks for responding.
I am a newbie . It was for me to work on not for family/friends.
I want to take my time ,as I have no experience in web site building.
SEO practices did I apply them.
I just read your profile & you are in the top 100

You're welcome :) No problemo as we all start at the bottom, learn to earn and work our way up. As long as you follow the step-by-step training, I have confidence in you and you will do just fine with your site. Yeah, it's taken me a short while to reach the top 100 lol. Neil

Hi Neilc
Thanks for responding .
Do you have any ideas to what else I could try.

No problem! Kyle too has left you some words of wisdom above with your site ;)

Yes, I suppose you can if you don't apply SEO practices lol. I know people who have put together websites just for selling purposes that they only promote to family/friends on the social networks and through business cards etc.

However, there is a massive opportunity to earn a life changing amount of income if you work hard at your site and get it indexed on the 1st pages of Google.... Just Sayin! ;-)


If it really bothers you, Shirley, you can use a maintenance mode plugin and some of them have an option that you can check to stop the spiders crawling it.. and visitors won't be able to see you building it either :)


Hi LittleClaire
Thanks for responding . Would that be WP under construction mode
plug in.

No problem.

I think, if I remember correctly, WP Under Construction plugin stops you previewing your site yourself.. it's very basic.

WP Maintenance Mode plugin is what I used last time and it was great: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-maintenance-mode/


Hi LittleClaire thanks for the help .
I will try that out

You're welcome :)

Best of luck!


Hi Shirley! -

How are you?

Look as far as I'm concerned - this is YOUR BUSINESS!!

Surely you can do what WANT with it!

I personally don't bother with SEO! (shock horror!)

I use other methods to promote my Website -- Hence promoting my products -- Hence making money!

Hi Davy
Thanks for getting back to me
I am still doing my website, I seen in one of the boxes is ticked at google yes beside it.

Hi Shirley! -

I would not worry about that -- You will be fine! :)

When you didnot add your sitemap yet, it is most unlikely someone will find you on Google before being indexed, if you are indexed allready, you can click the no-follow buttons beneath your posts, and when you are ready you uncheck those boxes again

Hi Loes .Thanks for responding.
I will have a go.

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Following everybody that follows you ?

Following everybody that follows you ?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

How do you keep in touch with all of them if you have a lot of people following you

The fact that you are able to "connect" with so many people helps you find the "right" information for your particular goals. No matter the questions you have, there is always "someone that knows someone" that can help you out. This is why I really love this online community.

Thanks for responding to my question
So much information at WA it is really great for someone like me who is starting out.

Some will be here in cycles. You will see and here from for a while and then they stop. In time they will come back and then there is the core that will be here day in and day out and some of them will become very dear to you and most helpful!

Thank you for responding to my question
I work full time at present .i was wondering how everybody follows.

You can communicate with the lot by posting a blog.

I am looking at lots of great blogs at WA
Thank you for responding to my question.

Debbi has certainly given you excellent advice! :)

Thanks for responding to my question I agree

Thank you for giving me the answer I have never been on Facebook
I am a newbie . This is my first question at WA . The response at getting back to me was so quick. Thank you

You'll get to where you have a core of people that you communicate with all the time. You'll also figure out whos advice you like the best. It just takes time. The nice thing about following and being followed is that you learn a lot and it exposes more people to your site. One word of advice though--don't try to read and answer ALL the emails. ~Debbi

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