Are you lazy or procrastinate?

Last Update: May 30, 2018

This morning one of our interns ask this question. What is the difference between lazy and procrastination? Well I did not think that there would be a big difference, but there is so I got told.

See the lesson I got and how my intern sees the difference in procrastination...

( all this got triggered because we cancelled a project this morning)

So the world does not always unfold according to our expectations. Lady Luck steps in sometimes when we been putting off a task and never got around doing it. What a happy moment when a project gets cancelled, and it turns out your boss doesn't need the report anymore you never got around writing it in the first place. Is this a happy moment but is this procrastination or is it intuition. No this is called "beneficial procrastination."

It only happens when the world operates against your expectations on average. There is a way the word is used, and it is believed that delaying something is procrastination. Most of the time it is not.
Is procrastination like going to Vegas and spinning the roulette wheel? Once in a while, you win, but most of the time you won't.
He gave me a card and said what do you think? That is me right ...


That got me thinking, what is procrastination? Is it a delay for tasks to do because we don't like, want or not ready to do or is it laziness.

What do you think?

Have a great and wonderful Day


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Loes Premium
procrastination is being very busy with the wrong things, lazy is escaping every chore
spurway Premium Plus
Hi Loes
being busy with the wrong things so you don't need to do the other things you are procrastinating about. Done it and been there.
Have a beautiful day
MichalB Premium
Laziness is when I feel like doing nothing.
That might be for example aimlessly watching YouTube videos, or just TV with no value in it.
Fortunately, I am not that often in such state.

Procrastination is when I have a plan or to do list and I do not take action towards finishing it off.
Sometimes I do procrastinate in “academic” way :)
Meaning, I do not write content, but I watch tutorials or Live training videos and taking notes.
Or I do activities as I would not normally do – like mow the lawn, or clean the car…

The important thing is to get back to the to do list and be productive.
That might be difficult, but I think that is one of the faculty that can be mastered. (like muscles)

All the best :)
spurway Premium Plus
Sounds good and I have to admit I went onto the Internet and search for the deeper meaning of it. It states in an article that procrastination is an inner avoidance of facing or doing something.
I have to say it started to raise some question marks for me since this morning when our intern started to ask me that question.
Cheers Sylvia
speedking Premium
Yes, the above question is a valid one indeed, to my mind it's certainly a combination of both.
Procrastination is and always will be the thief of time...... time can never be regained, and we only have so much time to do what we have to in life!
Sylvia, thanks for sharing and take care.

spurway Premium Plus
You are so right. It is such a great gift our time. I love when Albert Einstein quotes" “Time and space are not conditions of existence, time and space is a model for thinking.”
— Albert Einstein
FlorencioQ Premium
I think it's all of the above Sylvia.
spurway Premium Plus
Yes, I think it is both. But it makes me think that sometimes we are supposed to do things, we don't do them for whatever reason and when you get around doing them they are done so fast and so easily maybe that wasn't the right time for us or because we are not ready. I know with things I don't like to do I will procrastinate 1000percent. Most of the time I look for someone to do it for me.
Cheers Sylvia
FlorencioQ Premium
I can totally relate Sylvia.
hugh9905 Premium
Yes, I'm lazy sometimes and I procrastinate. This is something I have to work on. :)


spurway Premium Plus
Hello Hugh
I think this is the human race, I know when I procrastinate than it is most of the time the work I don't like to do. But that you can not categorise as lazy as lazy comes with peace of mind as you do not worry about it. Whereas procrastination comes with worry and constant thinking of the task.
My belief somehow got split into different thoughts now.
Cheers Sylvia