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April 08, 2017
I visited the 5th tallest building in the world, yesterday - the Lotte Tower in Seoul.At night, during sunset, and from just the right angle, the sun falls between the two prongs on top, and it's totally the Eye of Sauron.Standing next to it, and looking up, was astonishing. Nothing prepared me for how tall it really was.Here are our feet on the glass-floor observation deck - you can see the traffic down below!And I had no idea so many buildings had heli-pads. It's wild. (I'm sure there's a met
Two of my niches are targeted specifically for women. This is common for niches, particularly narrow ones.There is increasing conflict between this fact, and the comments I receive through the site comment engine. As a reminder, for these comments, we have to provide two to get one. We are paying for these comments. And too often my comments are from men, and too often they are irrelevant, bad, or just realllllly a stretch. I'm not the only WA member with a niche focused on one gender. And I'm
Fun story from today. I was on the American base eating breakfast in a food court. A really old Korean woman holding a couple US newspapers came up, said she was working on her English, and asked me to explain some of the headlines. First headline was something like: "A president wimps out about human rights talks." The confusion was over the term "wimp out". I described it as slang for something between coward and weak. I then explained that many Americans view Donald Trump in this way.Pictu
March 28, 2017
How many words should go into affiliate blog posts?1,000 word minimum, and over 1,500 words is best seems to be the consensus. Leave a comment if you disagree and tell me why.For me, it was REALLY hard to write long posts in the beginning. I had two (false) assumptions:1) No one would want to read something that long. 2) It's hard to write WELL at that length, because concise writing is superior to rambling.For 1, well, that's on us. We have to make it interesting enough to keep a reader's atte
March 22, 2017
Whenever I have a technical issue, Site Support writes back quickly and helps me solve it. THAT IS NO SHORT OF AMAZING.In IT or any other helpdesk endeavor (think looooong pauses on hold and being volleyed from unhelpful agent to unhelpful agent)...I think we've been conditioned to be suspicious of these institutions culturally. Is this true, in everyone's experience?Thanks, WA, for outclassing everyone and giving great service!If anyone ever questions what value you could possibly get for pric
March 15, 2017
I'm curious if other people found Lesson 4 challenging? For me, not so much for technical reasons, but because I had to overcome the hurdle of using social networking.I'm in the groove of using my tools to promote my posts it's only gonna get easier!
March 14, 2017
Was curious about how much content I've created in my first month here. Across three websites, here it is:33 pages 28 posts 175 comments (half which are presumably my replies).Not terrible!Today I made some massive progress on Pinterest, and also added length to several of my articles. I personally favor reading shorter, succinct articles but my understanding here is that they need to be long to curry favor with the Google Gods.It will all continue to grow. These projects have my attention and
March 12, 2017
"Sometimes a person has to go a very long distance out of his way to come back a short distance correctly." - Edward AlbeeI'm feeling this idea lately, for sure. My WA mentor (who is AWESOME, incidentally) has confirmed what my gut has been telling me: a niche that I would like to be developing, but only thought of way after starting here, is more viable than the one I'm currently building out. I think that I'm gonna have to switch gears, and apply what I've learned to this new niche. I can cer
Hello fellow affiliates,Confession: I'm one of those people who hates social networking in real life. I don't have a Facebook, and I use Twitter just for the news. I communicate with friends in person, by emails, and over video calls. So naturally I found myself grumbling at Course 4 when I saw the subject matter (which, for those of you not there yet, is SOCIAL NETWORKING) and I distracted myself for a whole week elsewhere. Today I came to terms with the need for social networking for busines
March 07, 2017
Wanted to take a moment to reflect on all the interesting member sites I've seen here, through the comments platform and the comments exchange thread. Fellow WAs: you're some creative, talented people! When I joined, I expected to learn about web design and affiliate marketing, but I didn't expect to learn so much about all these cool niches. Ayurvedic beauty products, organization tips, time-saving browser extensions, homemade dog treats, stainless steel french presses (no way!), dog sleeping