Training without any action could be a waste of your time

Last Update: November 28, 2016

The thing is you can do training forever and you might learn some great things, but training without implementation is pretty pointless.

Success is not created by training, Success is created by learning doing and then in the next stage possibly teaching. So often I come across people on the Internet who have maybe been training online for 8 years. And they act like newbies and many of them still believe in their own heads that they are newbies.

That is because often they do not finish what they begin because they are too busy checking out the next latest training or Guru course looking for the next gold rush.

Remember the people who made the most money in the goldrush was the people who sold tools. Somethings never change, so if you really want to be successful online then learn do and teach. That way in 8 years you won't think you are still a newbie.. :-)

Make a list of 5 moneymaking activities that you will do every day and get started, get your systems setup autoresponders,products domains logo's etc and get going.

Wishing you lots of success building your future online internet empire.

Sotiris Bassakaropoulos

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Temujin1 Premium
Thanks Sotiris.
Toshmack Premium
Many thanks for the share. :)
Happy12 Premium
Thank you Sotiris ! Have a wonderful day! : )
sotiris1 Premium
Thank you Elizabeth! You have a wonderful day too :-)
gardenguy Premium
Great post Sotiris.
sotiris1 Premium
Thank you Wayne much appreciated hope you had a good weekend :-)
Boothe Premium
I feel like a lot of people go through the training without doing anything. It's sad; that's why the action steps are there! haha
sotiris1 Premium
Yes it is sad indeed, and the reason lots of people fail online is because they quit to soon. Or their effort was lacking. Getting people out of their comfort zone and into action mode makes all the difference.. It also can depend a lot on the reason why they want or decide to be successful in the first place..