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The crazy thing is I actually heard about this from someone many years ago but as and from last night I started actually using it. I Actually got an email from the business that I'm associated with and it was showing this blog hack. I am not a great one for typing although I'm happy to do videos and talk a lot so this is going to make my life very easy.Yes my friends this is my fifth Voice to text blog post. I'm just talking my blog you can't get much easier than this. Who said blogging has t
In the past I used to focus a lot of my advertising via a few basic social networks but recently I have added a lot more, the great thing is that with a lot fewer friends or followers you can end up getting a lot more views. Especially as FB hide a lot of your posts to get you to pay for advertising. The other great advantage is a lot of these networks don't mind you adding a lot of friends so I message my new friends and ask them to connect on Facebook and Twitter as well. This is an easy way t
Have you ever been overwhelmed at marketing online? Overwhelm means you are learning if you are not stretching you are wasting away. So sometimes you need to stretch your mind. Stretch your brain and in most cases,especially if you talk to the majority of hugely successful people. You also need to stretch your resources as well. If you are not able to stretch yourself a lot, then chances are you will become mediocre at whatever you do. So if right now you feel your resources are stretched,
The Attitude Of Grattitude sometimes in life you get what you are looking for I have been coaching clients online for a long time. A lot of the time people can be their own worst enemy when it comes to having success in their online business. Having some grattitude about the things you have achieved or people that helped you along the way is priceless. Unfortunately not everyone lives by this and that is why a lot of people remain broke and miserable. I remember having someone on my team a lo
Are Internet Marketing Tools An Essential Or A Waste Of Money? I would just wanted to talk a little today on the subject of Internet Marketing Tools. After being online for over 8 years and coaching many people on marketing their online business. I tend to see a repeated thing over and over again with many new people starting online. In fact before I spent a fortune on Internet Marketing Courses and Trainings I was guilty too. Yes I used to always look for the free stuff. The cheap way to mak
Well if you thought it would be great to be able to please everyone all of the time. Then I have the solution for you. I saw it in a You Tube video a few weeks ago by a friend of mine Matthew Armstrong. All you have to do is be a doormat it's that simple, let people walk all over you say nothing, Don't ever give your opinion or have a point of view, and then you can really please everybody. Yes just let them wipe their feet on you and pass no remarks. If you feel bad that's okay because you a
$5000 in two weeks and a new $800 a month corporate client but my blog is suffering. Had quite a busy two weeks in fact, I took on two new coaching clients. And made so many cool commissions. The only thing is some of my blogs have been taking a bit of a hammering but that's okay. Last night I hired a new personal assistant who will be able to help me with all the daily tasks. So hopefully will be able to free up lots of time for my blogging and money making activities. I am one of those st
When it comes to your online business one of the keys to success is just taking consistent action. Most of the large commissions I have made online have happened while I was taking action. And the really strange thing about it is that. The action that I was taking was unrelated to the results I achieved at the time. I can give you some quick examples. One of my biggest commission nights I was watching a team training hangout when I got the commission notification. It was the fact I was learn
Today I have been working away getting some posts done on many of my websites. For some reason the commissions have been coming from everywhere today. Just got $38 from Wealthy Affiliate made $50 from Fiverr Made another $100 from some video software I sold last night while I was sleeping. Got a $100 residual commission from another product I promote.And another commission from a Free 3 day ,livestream I give away. The wonderful thing about the Internet is once you get things going you never
Yes Indeed,Sometimes You Have Just Got To Stop and Smell The Roses. Sometimes when blogging or marketing online you can get into a kind of trance like state. Blogging night and day like a content machine. Having video challenges, and doing trainings for your team. A few weeks ago I joined a new program. I am really not keen on joining new programs as I have lots of my own stuff to deal with. And it can take away some of my precious time. Anyway, because I learned a lot from this guy. Prom