My 12 Year Old Son Made His First $190 Online

Last Update: Jul 26, 2019

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Yes My 12 Year Old Son Made His First $190 Online. It started with a bit of a lecture LOL..

My sons spend a lot of time playing around on the Internet, but never seemed to think about using it as a tool to create an income. As I do not like being pushed around I try not to be too pushy with my kids.

One day I couldn't keep it in any more and I told them a few things and for once a couple of them at least seemed to listen.

So my second youngest son who is twelve has been playing some games online and has traded a lot of virtual things on his account.

So after my little pep talk he found a website where he can sell his virtual online gaming rewards and started listing a lot of them, in one evening he listed a total of $400 of stuff.

And in his first evening he made his first two sales $25, Now a few days later his listings have made him a total of $190 in sales and he continues to add more stuff to sell.

I hear adults all the time talking about how difficult it is to make money online is, the truth is with a little bit of imagination and some effort. Anyone can make money online you just need need to find out what is working or what is selling and take some action steps.

The thing is if a 12 year old can create a few listings on a website and make $190 in a few days so can you . What are you waiting for.

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Amazing. Great lessons to learn at a young age. I have a son the same age who has been asking me a lot of questions lately. You know, when they get to the age that ALL of the stuff they want is really expensive. We've been brainstorming together. Congrats to your son on his new found knowledge and success!

Brainstorming and taking an action step or two regularly, is all you really need to start getting results.

Thanks for sharing! There is a niche for everything.

There is for sure. Thank you :-)

That is the beauty of online. Thank you for sharing your son's success. Very inspirational.

Regards from Canada.


Thank you, Paul :-)

Wonderful! Congratulations to you for getting through to at least one kid ;-) - maybe the others are more keen to listen now that their brother is ’making it’...:-) Big congratulations to your son for succeeding. Wonder where he will end up, with this start..?!👍

Yes leading by example there is no better way :-) And yeah when their young brother has more money than them, that could be quite motivating LOL...

Just to clarify, they just sold some things on a website like...? Would like to know if possible, Thats amazing your child did such a good job ! :D

I am not sure just some things for online games, he listed them on a website that allows listings for online gaming stuff.

Very cool!

That's really cool!! My daughter is 12 and she plays a lot of games plus she has a 3 yr old youtube channel. I'm gonna have a little chat with her!! Lol

Sounds like a plan, one of my sixteen-year-old son's friends in school makes a fortune on YouTube.

That's amazing, well done!

Thank you :-)

I love it when kids show us how it's done. ;-)

Absolutely 100%

Wow - that's great. Young people are so proficient with technology. I talked about a 16 year old, some years ago in a book I wrote, who made his first million online and that was early 2000s. It can be done with the right USP, motivation and determination.

Yes, it sure can, once the decision is made.

Tell you son congratulations for me.

I will indeed :-)

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