Adding New Social Networks To Your Arsenal

Last Update: May 04, 2015

In the past I used to focus a lot of my advertising via a few basic social networks but recently I have added a lot more, the great thing is that with a lot fewer friends or followers you can end up getting a lot more views. Especially as FB hide a lot of your posts to get you to pay for advertising.

The other great advantage is a lot of these networks don't mind you adding a lot of friends so I message my new friends and ask them to connect on Facebook and Twitter as well. This is an easy way to get more Facebook friends without getting blocked. Or your account suspended.

At the end of the day most social networks take 20 mins to setup a profile on and even if it takes you an extra 20 mins a day to share your posts on them too it is well worth it.

Especially considering people on the other social networks actually get to see your posts without them being blocked. Of course you could also used FB paid ads but with the amount of spam accounts on Facebook lots of the likes you probably will get are fake anyway.

So unless you are selling a high ticket funnel that converts or a product that sells for over $50 or are just looking to build a targeted email list then I wouldn't bother wasting your time.

Successful Blogging :-)

Sotiris Bassakaropoulos

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nurseannie Premium
Food for thought. Thank you AM
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Interesting. I will kept those words of wisdom in mind. Thanks Sotiris
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Thank you Larry :-) hope you are having a productive day.
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Thanks Sotiris!
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sotiris1 Premium
The same to you Dan :-)
danbarth87 Premium
Successful blogging, Sotiris!