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tIt was only until I became a mother I understood the meaning of really securing one's own . Until that I had been winging it , I was hustling !! I was making Fast Money , then I was doing stupid retail jobs that I hated , then I was a preschool teacher for years which I love but then I got laid off and it never really paid enough for the amount of physical labor , money always came when I needed it and always just enough of what I needed it I never wanted fancy things or strive to do anything
I am very confused on how to write content. My website it, its a baby sleep niche site. I picked this because my baby is 10 months old and has sleeping problems, doesn't sleep through the night, wakes up several times, doesn't nap on schedule,etc.... when I am learning through Kyle's training on how to write content, I feel like he says it should be informative, educational, as well as genuine so that it will rank well. I struggle to write stuff in what I feel like shoul
November 07, 2017
oh no...I noticed that I have 9 days left in my billing cycle till my membership is expired and then it says that I can upgrade to yearly for $349. I do not have that kind of money and I was under the assumption that I would be able to pay $50 each month as a member here because all I get is a little bit of Chunk change every month to survive off of anyways, and with Christmas around the corner and presents that need to be bought I'm going to be really tight-knit and won't be able to afford any
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Hi, it took me like two days of writing and re-writing and editing but I finally finished my About Me page. I talk about how I first went to college to be a preschool teacher, but then became a party girl, then met the father of my child as we were both getting discharged from jail ( but its relevant to my story of how I morphed into a good mother and that is why any mother should trust my judgement? I guess?) Then I go on to talk about how I got pregnant then I had to straighten up, etc... I F
October 24, 2017
Holy Smokes! And this happened while I was asleep lol. Like no one sent me an email notifying me, or at least I didn't see one? I hope I am able to get enough content on my site first before google starts ranking me too high, yet... you know? I have absolutely nada on my site, I am still watching videos and reading about plug ins and navigating the background. My baby is finally asleep and I have a cup of dunkin donuts coffee in my hand - woo! Lets do this!
www.goodnightmybaby.comI am so excited. I am really doing this! I hope I will be able to figure out how to tweak my website and ad content easily. Its not too hard to figure out for a non techie right?Like, now that I have my site up.. what should I do next? Continue with my lessons, or try to figure out how to make it look nice. Also I had a question for outsourcing; if I went to "Fiver" for example and paid someone to tweak my website and make it look presentable with maybe a sleeping baby pi
I'm currently learning about Pinterest and why it's beneficial to have a Pinterest account and be an active Pinner. I never would have taking the time to dabble in Pinterest if it weren't for WA. I guess I'm coming to terms with how immersed I'm going to be in many social networks now, for the benefit of my business, I need to give my social personality a tune-up, and I don't mean extra fancy selfie pics. The only social media profile I had before Pinterest and WA ( I don't know if you consid
October 17, 2017
I got premium now!!! Yay!! This time next year I want to be making enough to AT LEAST be able to afford getting my own place like this.
My baby is napping. Praise Allah! Now I can look around Wealthy Affiliate and start learning how to make money online.I really want to apply myself 100% to this - its absolutely vital. I have no streams of income yet except the measly $550 I get from WELFARE every month ( ::sigh:: ) and thankfully I don't have to pay any rent but that doesn't mean I would like to have my own place and have the means to afford paying rent. If I was making $5000 to 10,000 a month - WHEW oh all the things I could