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MAN!I was soo getting my hopes up. In this last week I had a sudden spike in traffic.... whereas I a usually seeing 50 people a day, well in the last few days my traffic went from 200, 300 and then 400 visitors a day!!! I noticed on Pinterest one of my pins got repinned 1000 times so that was why I got a big spike. I was so juiced. I kept pinning. But all the sudden my numbers went back to 40 or 50 per day. What gives? How come? Why does it seem like there was a pick up in my pinterest and then
I now hear that google has changed their policy. Now the determining factor to rank on the first page is LENGTH and articles that have 1800 to 2000 are more likely to rank on the first page because google can determine they are more relevant . I better catch up and add some words to all of my posts.
My website has been up since November of last year. I am apart of four social networks; Pinterest, Google Plus, Facebook Fan page and a twitter account and I am toggling between all four of them trying to promote my page as best as I can. In the meantime, I got so caught up with the social media aspect of my business that I stopped going about my lessons and now I am still stuck on Course 4, Lesson 2 - I just want to finish this god damn course already so I can say I DID It! you know what I me
March 19, 2018
Hey everyone! So I just went to my Amazon Affiliate page to get a code for a new banner.... and was totally NOT expecting to see any sales or anything... but I seen THIS and I was THRILED! I mean, I hope that each month things get progressively better... as that seems to be the case for everyone else right? I haven't made any clickbank sales yet but this is still very exciting!!
March 15, 2018
I am thrilled to discover Hootsuite. I know someone else told me about it before on here but I never really went to check what its all about. But let me tell you, it makes life a lot easier. You can schedule all your social media posts at one time and distribute them to be posted at various times throughout the day. So even though you are not on the computer, Hootsuite is posting all the things you want to present to your social media audience without you having to actually be there at the time
Okay I finally made it to course 4, and I have to say that once I got here I noticed I had to make 4 social media accounts but I am so on top of my game, that I already had made a social media profile for each ot the ones that are listed.... Although to be honest, I paid someone on Fiverr to hook my Pinterest up, because I have no clue on how to utlize it for business purposes and how to attract the right followers, so I basically paid someone $10 to really hook me up and I am excited to see th
Okay so I hired someone on Fiverr to promote my link to thousands of people.... and my link is getting clicks! Its for Clickbanks "Lean Body Breakthrough" and apparently it is a really good seller on Clickbank, okay so I gave all the relevant information to this person who is promoting it.... and even though I have 145 clicks ( Not views, actual Clicks ) no one is buying it.Why?I went to the landing page to view the video myself and its terribly tacky. Like if I was trying to lose weight you wo
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I guess I am impatient. I mean I am completely broke for this month. I already spent all my money on Fiverr, hiring people to do my writing, tweaking my site, hell I even hired a psychic from Fiverr to cast a spell of success for me for $15 lol.... Then I went on YouTube and searched "Clickbank"After scanning some videos, this one caught my eye:Basically this guy in the videos comes up with quick easy way to get an affiliate link out to a large audience for a little cost. He makes up a white b
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Being a mom is so hard. I mean, there is just NO TIME to do anything other than take care of my baby. Even when he takes a nap, I am usually so tired myself that I fall asleep with him or I finally get an hour to work on my website but its never enough.I am just hoping that I don't waste my time and that all the work I put into this will pay off eventually? I am just hoping that I don't get to a point where I realize that I am stuck and then won't know where to turn.I signed up and am taking on
I joined premium back in October and right now I am still on Course 2, lesson 6. So as you can imagine, my website is sooo very much under construction, with no affiliate links or ads or nothing that would give me a chance of earning a penny right now. My site is so bare, it only has two posts that are from way back in November. Its my baby. My baby takes up all my time. My baby is very needy, clingy, and whenever I sit down with him and pull out my laptop, he crawls all over me, grabbing the m