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SighIts been 8 months so far,I have had a few small successes but nothing big, no major surge in traffic, my daily toll is somewhere between 10 and 80 a day, all from Pinterest / Facebook and Twitter. I have only been blogging once a week, at the most every 10 days. I have about 23 posts so far. 23 QUALITY posts, mind you , but only 23.Who am I kidding? How do I expect to reach #1 on google going about things this way?I need to post once a day. At least 3 times a week. This was what was told to
Hey Everyone. I just learned something really cool today.That is, how to make your older blog posts look new. Just make sure your comments are switched so that they show the newest comments first, rather than the very firsts comments you ever got for that post. This way it looks fresh and still thriving. Your old blog post will still look like it has recent readership and will promote people to want ot leave comments as well.I learned you can do this by going to your Wordpress backoffice or das
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Hey guys, just wondering about something here.I posted my website on my facebook to my friends and family. I told them that I monetized it but I did not in anyway shape or form ask any of my friends or family to click the google ads.Someone left a comment on the link I left on FB and asked how does my website make money. I said "Well, whenever people click on the google ads, I get a couple cents to a dollar.... and hopefully with enough traffic I will get enough clicks"Okay - so the moron goes
I have a baby sleep niche site called goodnightmybaby.comLike fellow member Tmaltz, I outsource my articles. I go to Fiver and pay someone about $10 to compose me a 1000 word article. Sometimes I will pay $20 for a 2000 word article. Just because they come out so well written ( much better written than if I would have composed it ) and when I post it, I make sure to add a Pinterest friendly header image and add that to my Pinterest profile. I have about 23 articles and I think when I get to 30
I have been on hiatus for about 2 weeks while i scrambled to get my monthly dues.... the new GDPR laws have passed. I seen a notice in my google adsense about it. I don't know how ot handle it. OH! I did update my privacy policy, I noticed WordPress had already made a template for one so I just used that one but still, is that all I need to do?I watched a YouTube video tutorial where they showed me how to insert a bit of code to make this pop up window appear to ask guests how they want to pro
I am scratching my head as to why I earned 18 cents so far today but no one has clicked any of my ads?Can someone shed some lig ht on this mystery? I have noticed, some days when I have no clicks I earn a penny or two but today I see 18 cents??! Jeez.... I mean all I did differently is put ads INSIDE My content, like in between the paragraphs, instead of just the top banner and side banner.... I added some more.... so my impressions I guess are a little more? I dont know. I guess I added 2 to
Hey guys!So if you didn't read my last posts, but I previously had 55k viewers and then before that I had 20k viewers, thats because im doing this pinterest thing actively...But today I went ahead got a year membership at TailWind... which means that I can schedule as many pins as I want on a daily basis, and they will be evenly distrubuted throughout the day, at whatever times I choose and I won't have to be there to actually to the pinnningThis saves me a whole lot of time . Well right now i
May 01, 2018
I just saw a video for this website called Click Funnels. Its a goofy ass video but it caught my attention becauses I dont know... but I want to know what everyone's honest opinion of this... besides the goofy video, the concept, the website, any thoughts?
Today: 150 *Views*Yesterday: 122The Day Before: 50The Day Before That: 44!BUT The Day Before That: 208And The Day Before THAT: 422And Last I can Remember before this was: 150Mind you 90% of this is from Pinterest...I launched this site back in October 2017. For those who don't know what my site is,http;//www.Goodnightmybaby.comI made roughly $13 this month through Adsense, no Amazon.... nothing else... I have had this site up for 6 months now. I post like 4 or 5 times a month. I do my best to m
April 27, 2018
Ok , a little update - last night I put in a haul of pinning, tagging, following, searching, etc and now, so far, this is what I am currently working with on Pinterest. I previous posted a blog about how I had 22K monthly viewers and that I got a flatline in Pinterest activity so this is what I now have at the moment. Thanks to 3 hours of pinning last night.This week was very exciting and then disapointing for me. I pinned a few pins over the weekends and got a spike in traffic, all the sudd