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So, I just finished the second level of videos and I wanted to say Yeah! The videos are great. They do simplify the process of deciding a niche and laying out the framework. I like the approach of just getting to it, rather than spending months laying out a whole site blueprint. I tend to work organically, meaning I develop an idea one bit at a time and I don't know ahead where it will lead. It makes it easier for me to be authentic, which makes it easier for me to stay with the work it takes t
October 10, 2014
So, I've gone premium! I!m really excited to be here among friends with a common dream. I loved the intro course and look forward to mastering the skills I need to succeed online. There is nothing I like more than learning new stuff and sharing it, so I will do my best to share my pearls of wisdom and look forward to learning from you. Here's to success!