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Last Update: May 13, 2015

I have been here at WA since February 2015 (3 months). And I have learned so much and continued to learn every day. I’m doing level 4 Entrepreneur certification and I’m on lesson 7.

I guess that my biggest struggle is to get traffic to my website. Without traffic or visitors it is tough to analyze what is not working versus what is working and make the adjustments accordingly. I am having a hard time to rank in Google. A few of pages/posts ranked between page 6 and 20 (6-7 pages out of 20) and the rest has not ranked yet. So I guess that with time, as my website is gaining maturity, and with the addition of content to my site, Google is going to recognize it as being worthy and my ranking will improve. Because, the way I see it, if you don’t rank on page 1 or 2 on Google with low competition keywords, which might get around 100 searches/month and maybe 20 clicks, well you are not going to get visitors to your site!

Last month, I added the social media button to my website (Google +, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook). I know that the most important thing is to build content for my website. Now, I have a question for you all, and I'm hoping to get some feedback from you guys. On a regular day, how much time to you spend on the different social media (twitter, Pin, Google + and Facebook) to promote your website? Do you use some tools, like ‘buffer’ for instance, that allow you to automatically send tweets so you don’t have to spend all of your time on social media! I don’t want to waste my time on social media, hanging out and wait for something to happen. However, I want to efficiently use the social media to build a following and increase traffic to my website. What is your strategy regarding social media? I would love to get your input on this!

Finally, here is the link to my website:

And if you don’t mind taking the time, I would like to get your feedback, some engaging comments on my website! I just finished a post about adventure travel, but feel free to comment on any of my posts/pages and watch some of the videos!

I hope that in 3 to 6 months from now to have done all the entrepreneur certification training and will have some regular traffic on my website. Thanks for reading my blog.



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danbarth87 Premium
doing an awesome job so far!
Kathy331 Premium
I've used Buffer and didn't find it to be that effective, very little interaction from it.
I spend around 15/20mns a day on Twitter. Retweeting, thanking, favouriting and replying to Direct messages.
I don't use FB for business, only for family and friends.
Googe + I haven't learned to use effectively yet, now I have Twitter pretty much sussed that's on my list next!
Pinterest I use but not as much as I should.

Most of my traffic has been coming from organic SEO but didn't start increasing with my latest site till about 3mths in. Now it's gradually increasing. It's too early to tell how effective social media is for me but I'm keeping an eye on it.

Your traffic will increase if you're adding regular content and using keywords effectively.

Hope this helps. :)
SoniaZ Premium Plus
Yes, thanks Kathy. I will focus on one or two social media for now, like google+ and twitter for now. Because it is a of work to try to build a following for all of them at once! I my main priority is to write content!
Thanks for your input, much appreciated :)
Kathy331 Premium
You're welcome. :)
bsmith1222 Premium
Very good job and keep up the good work
SoniaZ Premium Plus
Hi Brian
Thanks for your comment. I left you a comment on your website: Biz Success!
Geoff-n-Jane Premium
Hi Sonia,
Thank you for the tour around Africa - wonderful.
Have given you a comment.
SoniaZ Premium Plus
Hi Geoff-n-Jane,
Thanks for the comment. I left you a comment on your website. Great information. But I must admit my knowledge about dogs is limited!
Geoff-n-Jane Premium
Thank you Sonia for the great comment.
We have left you a reply on our site at
dunbar Premium
Hi Sonia, thanks for the information, loved your site thought it was great cheers Helen