Those That Succeed take Action

Last Update: February 19, 2020

Those that succeed take action. Massive Action. It is important to learn. Yet, if we do not implement what we learn - NOTHING new will happen.

Starting today, I will start taking massive action and work on my affiliate marketing websites. What about you? Are you ready to take action?


In the first training lesson of the Online Entreprenuership Certification course, Kyle states:

“Take action on what you learn! Action leads to success. You could read and watch the training until you are blue in the face, but if you never take action on it you won't achieve any success.”

Over the course of my membership, I have earned a little bit from my affiliate marketing websites. I must admit the “little bit” is the direct result of a “little bit of effort.”

I have not put in massive effort towards my website. So, it is no surprise that I have not made a massive amount of money. It is no surprise that I am not in Vegas. It is no surprise that my WA rank has fallen down to 171.

Those that succeed take action. Today, I will take more action than I have been doing lately. What about you?

I sincerely hope that today you will take action and implement the things that you are learning here at Wealthy Affiliate.


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Marley2016 Premium

You hit the nail on the head with this "ACTION" is what
is required for success - I get sidetracked with all that
is going on everywhere. Needs to stop.

Thanks for the reminder,

PS Good to see you! Miss you, my friend, luv ya.
SondraM Premium
I am too much like you. Lol. I am hoping that I will soon take the kind of action that you were doing about a year or so ago. You inspire me.

I will be seeing you around more. Luv ya.
Spottybanana Premium
I had a slump recently but i have taken action and setting goals. I find that when you have momentum it’s easy to stay motivated. Goal setting is key I have learned.
Thank you for this. I wish you all the best success
Natalie :)
SondraM Premium
Slumps are never enjoyable. Yet, I suppose they are part of life. I wish you the best as you strive to accomplish all of your goals that you have set for this month.
Spottybanana Premium
Thank you so much :)
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Kyle and Carson have laid it on for us in a platform that continues to grow and develop. The cool thing is we can grow and develop alongside the platform.

I think the standout for me is lesson 1 of the OEC;
Make us a Promise OK?
We want you to make us a promise today. We want you to give Wealthy Affiliate a chance first and foremost. We know that you may have had bad experiences online in the past and we want you to allow us to prove ourselves to you.

We care about YOU and we care about YOUR personal success more than you think.

Do we have a deal? :)


Kyles message to us all.

Speaks volumes.

I have to agree with you Sondra, we all need to take action, every day if we can, and do that consistently.

Do I get the feeling that you are refocused and about to reconnect with your online journey with renewed energy and vigor?

Best wishes.

Looking forward to reading and hearing about your impending successes.

SondraM Premium
Hi Alex.

Thanks for sharing your favorite part of Kyle’s message. It certainly has helped me with that daily does of motivation that I needed this morning as I am trying to get reconnected to the online journey that I have envisioned for a couple of years.

I will be seeing you around.

FKelso Premium Plus
Taking action is necessary, and key to reaching success.
SondraM Premium
Fran, that is very true.
DCarpenter1 Premium
Hi Sondra,

Yes, I am ready to take ACTION.

I have been wallowing around in the training & not moving ahead with my website.
I am determined to move ahead & fix the issue that has been holding me back. This I will do TODAY!

SondraM Premium
Well said Dennis. I have also spent too much time enjoying my wallowing around in the training. Yet, I know it is time to start taking action.