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Key word searches can be fun and educational. I think it is interesting seeing what people are actually searching for. I use the WA key word search tool. Today, I searched, “Why did my house not sell?”It turns out that was not a good phrase because less than 10 people search that. However, they do search: Why my house not selling (160 searches)Why did my yahoo home page change (118 searches) Why does my wife not want sex (24 searches)Why does my does my husband not love me (40
December 09, 2016
I'm very grateful that I discovered WA. I am learning a lot in the training. I'm also getting a lot of inspiration from other members. Yet, I think it is important that we take the time to appreciate our assets. For example, I consider my pig, Petunia, an asset. Her big bottom is her best asset. (She eats a lot to keep her asset in top shape.) Consider your assets.... Assets- In financial accounting, an asset is an economic resource. It can be tangible or intangible. Assets produce va